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Gen 17.1 +

Gen 17.1

“…I am the Almighty God;

walk before me & be thou perfect.”


“Man, if your wife knew you as God knows you,

would you be ashamed to look her in the face?”

– R G Flexon


In the fall of ‘52 I was a grade-school kid saying, “I like Ike.” In the fall of ‘60 I stood on Fountain Square (Cincy) & heard JFK speak. In fall of ‘64 I voted for Goldwater. Before I could vote & many elections after, we put a man in office (“by hook or crook”) went about living, whether our man won or lost & probably that was OK. Since last presidential election it’s been different: voices, articles, pro Trump – voices, articles, anti Trump. Has this been orchestrated? On both sides? Are we being lead (blindly – if we’re not thinking) to too much secularity? Be Alert. Christ is the answer (for us & USA). – 1/13/20


“Take time to be holy –

you have to make time today.”

– Dempsy Fossit



The downward tread is a way of dread

And ends in endless night.

The upward way is the way of hope

With unending days of delight.

– eab, 1/13/09


“My soul is filled & overhelmed with light

& love &joy in the Holy Ghost.”

– Mrs Jonathan Edwards, quoted by M W Knapp


Are you memorizing Scripture? If you are not, Why not? (“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee” Psa 119.11.) Too many men memorize ball scores, batting averages, etc., many a woman have a perfect pic of this or that in her head. These will soon pass away (from the earth or from you, at death). Please, no longer hesitate. Start memorizing God’s Holy Book. Start with only a few vv. & build up as you go. Review the ones you know & add others. The Bible is the only Book that will be in eternity & you can take part of it with you in your heart. – 1/13/20


Psa 106.1

“Praise ye the LORD. O give thanks unto the LORD;

for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.”


Praise the Lord. Allow me to state a little of that for which I’m thankful. I can see. I’ve worn glasses since about ‘74 but my eyes have not worsened much. I can hear. Not as well as some of you perhaps but no hearing aids to date. I have a sense of touch – enjoy hugs from my wife (of 58.5 yrs) from my children & the grandkids. I have a sense of smell. Some odors I dislike (skunk, sulfur water etc.) but some are enjoyable (gardenia, fall leaves). And I have a sense of taste. Home-made potato salad was an early favorite (Perry Co., OH) & though I’ve acquired other tastes since it still like it. Praise God for 5 senses. – 1/13/20


“When small men cast long shadows

the sun is about to set.”

– Paul Harvey

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