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Gen 22.8 +

Gen 22.8

“…Abraham said,

‘My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering’ so they went both of them together.”


Do not be enthralled with numbers. A number means nothing by itself. 2. Two what? 2 bottles? 2 benches? 2 beans? Men have “played” with numbers, found a pattern(s) in them. Have made a science (imaginary science?) of them but devoid of words they are void of meaning. There even seems to be a connection (how strong I cannot say) between math & magic. Happy contrast; words do not need numbers. Bottles, benches, beans all tell you something. And best of all Jesus is the Word! – 1/11/20


“Light & foolish talking & jesting, pride, oversensitiveness…jealousy, envy, selfish ambition…indulgence of appetite…(will surely quench the spirit of prayer)…”

– Samuel L Brengle



If you feel at home in Egypt’s “clime,”

Happy to give it your energy and time,

Not minding its sin, yes, and slime;

Then you’re a poor, lost sinner, My Friend.


If you’re out of sin but wand’ring wild,

Out of sin, but very much a child

Wanting religion – Please “keep it mild.”

Then you’re a carnal Christian, My Friend.


If you’ve approached Jordan at high tide,

Have, by faith, crossed its waters, floody and wide

And know now the Spirit doth abide,

You’re a holy believer, My Friend.


Is there more to this Egypt-toward-Canaan walk?

Yes, circle Jericho, circle without talk

And by all means, avoid Achan’s balk

There is growth in Canaan land, My Friend.

– eab, 1/14/07


(con’t) “…Love of the applause of men & desire for the honour that man can give, an uncharitable spirit, criticism…will surely quench the spirit of prayer.”

– Samuel L Brengle


Please do not send your child to any self-defense class (several, if not all, seem to have oriental roots) until you’ve prayed about it a full month – until you’ve fasted several meals, seeking God’s will on this – until you’ve researched the history behind that particular type of “fighting without weapons.” The mind should not be opened (in any way) to occult powers. It is your child, your most precious possession (not counting your soul). He should never (IMO) be introduced to heathen defense. 1/13/20


Psa 7.10

“My defence is of God,

which saveth the upright in heart.”


[under caption You are God’s Property]

“He has a right of occupancy…

He has the right of identification…”

– L D Wilcox


Bibles have been collected & burned. But you can hide a part of yours in your heart. Bibles are being shortened, becoming replaced by paraphrases. You can know the true wording & not be confused by lesser, & unworthy mistranslations. You could also lose your eyesight. If you’ve memorized God’s Word you can “see” it perfectly in your mind. One more? You might say “I can always listen to it on an electronic device.” That’s an assumption. EMP (from enemy nation or God) is possible. 1/13/20


“Man’s departure from God was voluntary;

his return must likewise be voluntary.”

– L D Wilcox

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