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Exo 14.14 +

Exo 14.14

“The LORD shall fight for you,

& ye shall hold your peace.”


Simple. Learn to dress simply. Classic 2 button (at most 3 button) suits, guys, in basic colors will save money over the yrs. Classic dresses or skirt/blouse combos are “in” longer than trendy, eye-catching outfits & will save dollars (therefore making sense). Opt for the simple car which keeps a similar design model year by model year. (They can improve the mechanics if they are not re-designing curvy fenders & flashy grills.) A simple auto can save money on tires & gasoline, to say nothing of insurance. – 1/20/20


“Spiritual leaders are not made by man, nor by any combination of men.

Neither conferences, nor synods, nor councils can make them, but only God.”

– Samuel L Brengle


Lead to Worship

Men who feel quite adequate

To tell you which “i” to dot,

To tell you what you are to do – not;

Ought also to be able

To tell you how humbly to praise,

How in quietude and true gratitude

You should voice and hands raise.

We lack not for “liners up,”

And men who love that line,

We need men who will lead to worship

Men who live and love in the divine.

Oh, may the incense of my heart

Toward heaven daily depart!

– eab, Jan 2007


“There have been ministers who…refused the baptism of the Holy Ghost or…having received the baptism, neglected & lost it who filled big pulpits…but whose old age was full of complainings… bitterness & jealousies…”

– Samuel L Brengle


Please, Sir/Ma’am, if you profess to be saved (let alone a minister/minister’s wife) please PAY ATTENTION to the meme you post on fb. 4-letter words are still 4-letter words even IF the rest of the meme states your “political position.” Don’t be so interested in being PC (or anti-PC) that you “say” what you would not say in a church testimony, or say to me in person. STOP publishing curse words! – 1/20/20


Mat 5.37

“…Let your communication be, ‘Yea, yea; Nay, nay:’

for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.”


“…One thing tht [sic] will mark Christian perfection…

will be a willingness & readiness to apologize…”

– L D Wilcox


So – – – you’re thinking about asking her to be your Mrs. Please, young man, have you talked to God about her? If you intend to go to heaven – hear me, I don’t mean “you’d like to go” nor “you’re hoping to get in.” I mean, you’ve made up your mind to go to heaven Regardless. Of. The. Cost. Then, you must have God’s will in a wife. Some men, sadly, will miss heaven or only make it in through after many trials & tests because of who they married. Don’t ask her, until you’ve ask HIM. – 1/20/20


“…God is ready to share His holiness with men…”

– L D Wilcox

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