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Exo 20.7, 8 +

Exo 20.7, 8

“Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain…”

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.”


“If a man were to try to build a ladder to reach the moon he would be considered mentally insane;

but morally insane people are trying to build…ladders of good works, church membership & morality to get them to Heaven.”

– R G Flexon


Some people enjoy being a Match-Maker; getting so-n-so to date what’s-her-name. (I can’t encourage you in this: if it “works out” you may get a one-time “Thanks,” if it doesn’t work You may be remembered – with pain – for yrs.) There is one exception. When a couple separate, even divorce, (& neither have a previous, living companion) do all in your power to match-make them again. Pray for them, listen without siding, when time is right have them to your house (no “little ears” around), take them out to eat (well worth what you pay for a meal). Do all you can to help heal such a break. God bless. -1/22/20


“…They do not receive reproach with gentleness; no nor even reproof. Nay they are not able to bear contradiction without the appearance at least of resentment.

If they are reproved or contradicted though mildly they do not take it well; they behave with more distance & reserve than they did before.”

– R S Foster



Mom, you cut off your glory

Sadly, we “got the text.”

More worldliness will soon follow

What change will we see next?


“This is as far as I’m going.”

I wish you could be that strong

The very act of hair cutting

Shows your tendency toward wrong.


“Hush! Don’t make it a ‘big deal’

“Make it sound like one of the ‘seven’”

Please listen, take time to read

Paul’s words – Corinthians ‘leven.

– eab, 1/23/17


“God is to be glorified, holiness is to be practiced, and the spirit of Religion is to be the common spirit of every Christian…”

– Wm. Law


You used to pastor – now you work for hourly wage or a salary (perhaps a handsome one). Are you out of God’s will? Bro., that’s a super serious question – – – please treat it as such. “Oh, I’m OK. I still go to church, pay tithes, testify, sing specials, even fill the pulpit now & then. I’m fine.” You may convince yourself. You may be living more comfortably than when you pastored but I repeat my question, Are You Out Of God’s Will? Some men are; we have many empty pulpits. Please pray. Return to your Calling. 1/22/20


Rom 11.29

“For the gifts and calling of God

are without repentance.”


Nearly all Holiness & several Evangelical preachers of yesteryear warned the dangers of TV. They were right. To turn a TV on is to open a visual garbage can, right in your living room. You might be able to shut it off when the big rat started to crawl out, might even have swatted a foul bird or two but there were filthy flies which escaped the trash & lodged in minds (young & old). We could see some of that, I think one of the things we failed to see was that all of it, repeat ALL of it, was “make believe.” TV & movies/videos were leading us to accept the false as real. Stop watching hollywood/disney. – 1/23/20


“Tell your prince that this Book

[Bible she was sending back with an African Embassy]

 is the secret of England’s greatness.”

– Queen Victoria, quoted by Gilchrist Lawson

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