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Exo 20.16, 17 +

Exo 20.16, 17

“Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.”

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife…”


Children – probably of several ages – who see their mom reading just might try reading themselves. Those who see dad reading (unless they know it’s a part-of-his-job) may be even more likely to experience the pleasure of reading. Please, Dad, Mom, influence your child to read. Reading can be done in the park, the woods, the porch without electricity. Reading can increase your vocabulary. Reading (if you select the right stuff) can give you insights 1.) into parts of the world you’ll never visit, 2.) into history you cannot visit, & 3.) into Christian Truths you should visit. Read On! 1/24/20


“…Truth when it collides with men’s pleasures, passions & wills never has a fair chance…

shows that unbelief originates in a moral rather than an intellectual cause.”

– Daniel Steele, S T D



Life is the dingy, green, side-stage room *

Tall but small and cold

Basically bare. For the stage (out there) [1]

Is where it is ALL truly told. – eab, Jan. 2005

* This reflects my childhood impression of the school side-stage rooms ‘50-‘57, Somerset, OH.



“Real living Christianity is always a disturber of worldliness & sin,

bringing a sword on the earth.”

– Daniel Steele, S T D


You & I differ on point “B,” “E – sub-point 10” & most of point “Q.” Since we hold varying views You Are Wrong – not necessarily. And, I Am Right – again, not necessarily. We have (yes, both of us) limited, earthy view. You might say, “No, I have a perfect view; you see, I have a doctor’s degree from ‘x’” or “I’ve made a life-long study of this” etc. Sometimes a parent has to smile behind his hand at the words of his three-yr old. Must not God also see how mistaken we can be? Let us be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. And, when we must disagree, do it with love: both vertically & horizontally. – 1/26/20


1Pe 1.15

“But as he which hath called you is holy,

so be ye holy in all manner of conversation;”


“Conscious confidence (faith) &

conscious rebellion cannot co-exist.”

– J A Wood


Have you, dear soul, figured out why you want your worldly friends to admire you (your mind, your body, even your “spirituality”) but are not interested in admiration from more careful friends? Why, to be perfectly honest, do you have a hankering for the world? Is it that your heart is unsanctified? Please seek God for holiness. – 1/26/20


“God did not give us a little bit of His love…He gave us all that He had

& since God is love He had plenty to give.”

– Reuben Zeigler, student paper 3/2/02

[1] Eternity is the real stage, not earthly life.

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