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Exo 25.40 +

Exo 25. 40

“And look that thou make them after their pattern,

which was showed thee in the mount.”


“The church that is adopted by the world is never the true Church –

for the world never ceases to persecute the True Church.”

– V O Agan


Audiences should not be saying, “Look what he can do” (reaching a certain note, making something “disappear” or throwing his voice. (Of course magic or ventriloquism do not belong in church, ever.) Oh, that audiences who say, “Look what God can do/is doing.” If the church building is truly God’s house, He deserves the praise & adoration for all good that is done there. Now & Always! – 1/27/20


“…Hundreds of people are studying psychology, which is the study of ‘what makes you act as you do.’ You know what makes you act the way you do, it is either the Lord or the devil in you.

We don’t have to study a lot of books to figure out why people act as they do.”

– V O Agan




Every sinner who hears of a Sinless One,

Every father who hears God had a Son,

Every planner who hears Redemption is done,

Is drawn to Christ.

The only way to reach heaven’s door,

The only way to tread the golden “floor,”

The only way to enjoy Redemption & more,

Is through the blood of Christ.

Christ is the Key to heaven’s lock,

Christ is the pure Shepherd of a pure flock,

Christ is the center of creation’s calendar & clock.

The only hope for all is Christ.

– eab, 1/21/05


“If, in your judgment, you cannot be an honest lawyer,

resolve to be honest without being a lawyer.”

– Abraham Lincoln


Children like to pretend, but oh, if only pretending stopped there. A place called hollywood has many “adult-sized” children who pretend. They dress-up in cowboy stuff & pretend. They put on uniforms & pretend. They don science fiction outfits & pretend. Later they’re remembered as the guy who “played the pope” or the lead role in “x” & make millions. Did the pretenders get your $? Not a dime of mine. – 1/27/20


Php 2.10

“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven,

 and things in earth, and things under the earth;”


Did you sing in church yesterday? Did you pick up hymnal, find the page, engage lips, tongue, vocal cords & sing? It you did, you engaged in a type of worship that’s centuries old & (where there were hymnals) world-wide. I care not if you sang lead/soprano, alto/baritone, tenor, or (my favorite since a boy) bass; you sang. That’s great. Hopefully the song leader’s selections included classic hymns. If so you connected with a man/woman of another era, maybe another country, but both of you praising the God of heaven. – 1/27/20


“I am nothing, truth is everything.”

– Abraham Lincoln

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