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Exo 32.6 +

Exo 32.6

“…And the people sat down to eat and to drink,

and rose up to play.” [ so like America ]


Please friend, so live NOW that you can later “re-live” your memory-scenes with pleasure. I’ve tried to pastor in 5 states & Canada, and teach in 3 states (more than once in 2 of those). I fondly remember my praying places both while pastoring & teaching. I am not saying I’ve been a great prayer, but am so thankful for the place(s) in each locality where God condescended to meet His unworthy servant. -1/27/20


“The only hope of the drunkard or the thief is 1st in the birth of the Spirit, & 2nd in the baptism with the Holy Ghost & fire. This is the only remedy. This will make an honest man out of a rascal & a sober man out of a drunkard. The nature of man must be cleansed and purified.”

– Uncle Buddy Robinson



When you & I are stretched out stiff & cold,

And the soul has left its God-shaped mold,

And questions spread among friend & foe

How long was he sick? How did he go?

When was he born? Was he *that* old?

We’ll not hear this twitter, not one word

If we’ve lived for Him (That was His choice.

He invited us to, if we but heard His voice.)

We’ll have heard the greatest words e’er said,

“Well done.”

Oh, I want to hear them, when you think I’m dead.

– eab, 1/28/17


“No one will ever go into despair

while he feels God cares for him.”

– B T Roberts


It sounds too horrible to be true but satan is pushing his dupes toward reducing world population. Armies have killed other armies for millennia: blade, bullet, bomb. Evil men have massacred unarmed groups for centuries. Sadly, in recent decades even “members of health care” have killed the unwanted, the unhealthy, the un-young. All the while God’s words to Noah & sons to “…Multiply & replenish the earth”(Gen 9.1) haven’t been revoked. God says multiply, satan says kill off – true pictures of contrast. 1/28/20


Rev 9.11

“…They had a king over them…angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”


A conversion isn’t worth anything unless it’s a double conversion.

A man must be converted from something to something.”

– Sam Jones


The devil & his children will deceive you if possible. On one side, they’d like you to believe there are millions upon millions of “christians” (not mentioning the broad definition of “christian”). On the other side, he’d like you to think you’re crazy – hardly anyone believes as you do. He is a liar. Going to heaven is about as individual “as it gets.” Fellowship with whom you can. Be kind to those with whom you can’t fellowship but keep you sights on the Celestial City. God love you & WANTS you with Him. – 1/28/20


A man once asked me how long it had been since I had been at a theater. I told him I had not been at the theater since I had quit being a vagabond.”

– Sam Jones

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