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Lev 19.18 +

Lev 19.18

“Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people,

but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the LORD.”


“The only way of knowing the Holy Spirit is by possessing Him

& being possessed by Him…”

– Daniel Steele, S T D


You were born with a capacity to worship & a will as to who/what you worship. The ideal is to adorn God. If you refuse to worship the Almighty you’ll end up worshipping another god (small “g”). Many a modern woman worships a tiny, temporary “god” – – – herself. And, “Hear This,” as a statue has to be re-painted & repainted, she daily repaints her face, often repaints her nails etc. Stop worshipping yourself. Worship GOD! – 1/29/20


“Every mind in which the Holy Spirit dwells

instinctively turns away in disgust from the chaff of ritualism.”

– Daniel Steele, S T D



When God allows a little tension here

Or tightens things over there.

He’s not being cruel. Never is He unfair.

He’s doing what a Musician does

He’s bringing your life, your string

To His perfect pitch, He’s helping you to “sing,”

Preparing you to fit in His orchestra all grand,

Who’re gathering now on eternity’s strand.

Trust Him child, He knows the sound He hears;

When we hear it, we’ll agree – though. through. tears.

– eab, 1/15/16  



“O, that the Holy Ghost, the blessed Comforter, would now come down &

convince those that are Christ-less amongst you, of sin, of righteousness & of judgment!”

– George Whitefield


People go south to bask in the sun, savoring its warm & light. They are willing to invest the miles & money to do so. Lord help us see a far greater need is to Bask in the Warm & Light of His Risen Son. Are we willing (God help us) to invest time & energy in a prayer closet to enjoy The Presence of His Son? – 1/30/20


Joh 8.36

“If the Son therefore shall make you free,

ye shall be free indeed.”


It must be sad when a person is imprisoned; restricted in freedom, forced to eat this (& this only), not free to change from bondage clothing. It’s possibly worse, when a person imprisons him/herself; that’s what sinners do. Their sinful habits & distorted desires keep from being free to move-in-the-Spirit, they “eat” the same old sinful addictions, they dress like other sinners (afraid to be different). Christ came, sinner, that you can be free. The devil has you believing you are “free.” No. He is the biggest of all liars. – 1/31/20


“When general Grant was in Paris, the president of the Republic invited him to attend the Sunday races…he politely declined…saying, “It is not in accord with the custom of my country or the spirit of my religion to spend Sunday in that way. I will go to the house of God.”

– Preachers Magazine, Nazarene Pub. House, July-August, 1944

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