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1Sa 17.45 +

1Sa 17.45

David…“Thou comest to me with a sword & with a spear & with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD of hosts the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied.”


“We can have revival if we can be trusted.”

– Glenn Griffith


Every pastor should love his congregation (large or small) but he needs to love God more. His deeper, higher, broader love for God will enable him to preach things to his congregation which he doesn’t necessarily want to preach to them but he will & does, because he loves his people & because of his greater love for the God & Father of them all. – 2/27/20


“If we are so unfortunate as to not go to the mission field

 we better have a representative there.”

– E G Garrett



If men can make bridge-halves start

From opposite river banks

And with blueprint, I-beamed steel

Labor, rivets and welding tanks

Meet them over raging streams,


God can bring marriage halves

From divorcement’s cold shore

And with Heavenly blueprint, Love

And will power, join them once more

Renewing the home’s lost dreams.

– eab, 2/29/12


“In each expanded edition of his /Institutes/ Calvin quotes

& relies upon Augustine more than ever.”

– Dave Hunt


Fliers, newspaper ads, magazine advertisements, radio/TV commercials & face book trailers, tell us how much we NEED “x.” It will cause us “to lose weight, be more attractive, look younger, act smarter, win friends, be charming, earn more money” List-goes-on-&-on. A few of you have turned a deaf ear but many more need to. Paul urges “…having food & raiment let us be therewith content”(1Ti 6.8). If this seems heavy let me encourage you with this – the same Paul says he “learned…to be content”(Php 4.11). – 2/28/20


Mat 25.10

“…While they went to buy, the bridegroom came &

 they that were ready went in with him to the marriage & the door was shut.”


The year was 1961, the month, June, date, the 30th and the hour, 7:00 PM. Someone reached over & locked the door & he was shut out. He’d driven a long distance. I never knew if he got a late start or was caught in traffic but he was too late for his pretty niece’s wedding. He was busy man. He was an important man. He was the medical doctor of his community. But he arrived to a locked church door. Oh, Friend the Bible speaks “the door was shut”(Mat 25.10). I beg of you – don’t have “more important” things to do. Don’t get caught in traffic. Be ready of the Most Important Wedding of Heaven & Earth. – 2/29/20


“The ripping in two of the Temple veil as Christ gave up His spirit

signified that He had accomplished what the Old Testament had prophesied.”

– T A McMahon

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1Sa 16.7 +

1Sa 16.7

“…The LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance,

but the LORD looketh on the heart.”


“There is no such thing as company in hell,

for this is a night of loneliness.”

– S D Herron


Clyde & Ruth Bryan’s home never had a TV. Carson & Stella Scarbrough’s home had no TV. Our home has never had a TV. So, thank the Lord, we’re clean “all the way back to Adam.” I hope there are many readers who share a like heritage. And, yes, it is a heritage. Television has had a damning effect on millions. If everything on it were as innocent as Food Shows it’s still a HUGE waste of time but we all know it’s seething garbage, burping in your house. Still have one? Shoot it as you would a venomous beast (please don’t sell or give it away) & bury it. “Oh, Bryan, TV is out of date.” Read on. – 2/27/20


Thousands upon thousands of careful evangelical/holiness homes barred TV. Along came personal computers, then smart phones. These separated the “boys from the men.” Those who wanted to keep hollywood/disney out of their minds didn’t watch the “trailers,” didn’t fall for the free movies, stayed away from doors of the electronic brothels. In a sense, many now have “TV” in their hand, hip pocket, purse. Have you been watching disney/hollywood filth on a phone? Shame on you! 2/27/20


“Poor Adam & Eve became smart,

but they smarted under their smartness.”

– S D Herron



Never question the great Unity

Of the Holy, Happy, Triunity

Father, Spirit and Son

Are really, wondrously, One.

And One are also Three,

Somewhat like you and like me.

We are body, spirit, soul;

But we appear only as whole.

God is all Father, Son, Holy Ghost

They are not More. They are Most.

– eab, Feb. 2011


“Yoga is the very heart of Hinduism.

It is sold in the west as science but in fact is religion.”

– T A McMahon



Deu 18.10 – 11

“There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch”

“Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.”


Do you, a person who claims to believe in Jesus, believe also in magic? Dictionary “–Syn. 1 enchantment …NECROMANCY, SORCERY, WITCHCRAFT…” Paul (Act 16.16) cast out “a spirit of divination” which possessed a woman. Divination connects to word python. Dictionary says of python “1. a spirit or demon …” Please awaken church; magic belongs nowhere in church: Not in Sunday Sch, Nor “children’s church,” Not in youth mtg. Nor children’s work at at camp. The devil tries to get to our kids – don’t help him – 2/27/20


*Detailed quote* “Accuracy is an impossibility in a theatrical film. A movie that attempts to recreate a historic event or time period is at best a creative reproduction that depends more upon the talents of the production team for credibility than with concern for historic precision or truth.”

– T A McMahon*

* Holder of a master’s degree in communications, he has researched and written numerous documentaries and scripted several feature films.

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1Sa 15.22b +

1Sa 15.22b

“…Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice

& to hearken than the fat of rams.”


SOLDIER. Recently read a history (c.1916) about wars, battles over boundaries & bloodshed. I can hardly think of anything worse than having been a conscripted (i.e. drafted) soldier dying cold, wet, hungry & lonely an hundred foot-miles from home; dying for an earthly king whom you didn’t know & who definitely didn’t know you. How Futile! What a waste of life. But, Thanks be to God for the evangelists who’ve died also cold, wet & hungry, hundreds of ship/air-miles from home BUT dying for the Heavenly King whom they’d met at an altar & Who knew their name (& hair-count). How Fantastic!!! – 2/26/20


“When we put the Word to the test of our experience,

we’ve gone modern.”

– Steve D Herron


The Buds  

The buds are out in the February chill,

The buds are on maples of yon hill.

They aren’t about to quickly burst,

No, won’t be open by March first;

But to my eye, they’re encouraging still.

– eab, 2/12/08


“To hold strong convictions you must have a big spirit

or you become a narrow bigot.”

– Steve D Herron


God knows you. He wants you to come to know Him. God is/was a “Gentleman” millennia before culture invented this label. A gentleman does not force his will on you – God does not force His will – but He does invite. When you get to know Him, you’ll love Him & be sorry you did not sooner become, not just acquainted with Him but, through this Son, a child of the King. – 2/25/20


1Sa 15. 23a

“For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft &

stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry…”


“…Bible, the only infallible rule of faith & practice…

This Book & this Book alone has been the message of the church in all the ages.”

– Carl McIntire


Some readers may see eab as an “old man” reacting to modern ideas, as one too given to a literal Bible, or as one too likely to believe a conspiracy. Born in ’43 places eab in an “old” bracket but I have, for yrs. been anti many modern “ideas” (voted for Barry Goldwater). A literal Bible? God directed my BA to be in Literature & 23 yrs. later my MA (60 sem.hrs) to be in Biblical Lit. Do not trust the media? My only brother was killed in ’54: 3 newspapers carried 3 different accounts. Realized later that I learned at an early age (11) you can’t trust the “news.” – 2/26/20


“Thou shalt no steal” protects our properties, “Thou…kill”our lives, “Thou…bear false witness”

our reputations, “Thou shalt not commit adultery” our marriges.”

– Carl McIntire

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1Sa 14.6 +

1Sa 14.6

“…For there is no restraint to the LORD to save by many or by few.”


“Converse sparingly with women” says Mr. Wesley,

“especially with young women.”

– quoted by Adam Clarke


Church, when real, is the best organism on earth. It is helping prepare souls for heaven.

When it’s false, church is big rip-off – – – a con-game “for the books.” People give money for a coffee, a little “music,” a little positive-thinking-pep-talk. They pretend they’re getting ready for heaven but they’re headed toward hell. Without God “church” can be called the worst organization on earth. – 2/24/20


“…None of your hearers will be more affected with your discourse than yourself.

A dul, dead, preacher makse a dull, dead congregation.”

– Adam Clarke



Broadway has the sound

Of lots and lots of room.

But it does not advertise

Its end is always, Always, doom.

– eab, Feb 2004


“How about your record as a mother?…If that worldly, unsaved daughter of yours were to die right now while I am speaking, could God hold you blameless at the Judgment?”

– J M Hames


I’m writing this as a man who’s been known for his laugh allow some advice: 1.) Laugh only at clean, squeaky clean humor – shouldn’t have to say this but it seems needed. 2.) Laugh at what’s funny – not at that said to be “funny” followed by a face or pause showing they want you to laugh. 3.) Laugh at “accidental” humor – but please don’t seek out jokers, funny story tellers. I see no place that Jesus “made” people laugh. I’m sorry churches have lowered themselves to the level of inviting in a comedian. – 2/25/20


Pro 22.6

“Train up a child in the way he should go: &

when he is old, he will not depart from it.”


Warning LONG POST. Have you laid plans to home school this fall? “It’s too much work.” or “I’ve seen too many home school kids who weren’t educated.” or “Why should I do that – public school is free.”

too much work… It is work; anybody who says otherwise is not being truthful. Training is clearly a part of child-raising. Having kids is work; will be until they are ______ (age).

I’ve seen too many…Some have done a poorer job than others. Agreed. But since this Home School will be yours (not “theirs”) you can make your work “perfectly” J (or, at least better). Learn from the mistakes you’ve seen. Don’t throw out the concept just because you’ve see a less-than-ideal product.

…public school is free. 1st let’s get the name right, it’s a State school: owned by the State, teachers indoctrinated by State approved institutions, using State stamped textbooks, therefore feeding your child a State permitted diet. 2nd look at “free” You are loaning them the most valuable thing in your house & too many times State school kids carry the expensive Stamp of the State to their graves. It is not free. – 2/24/20


“I still believe men are lost! I am afraid of this age of indifference!

— Oh, I am afraid of being lost!”

– U E Harding

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1Sa 2.3 +

1Sa 2.3

“Talk no more so exceeding proudly; let not arrogancy come out of your mouth:

for the LORD is a God of knowledge & by him actions are weighed.”


Read your Bible – like It’s a Legal Document – God means ALL He says.

Read your Bible – like It’s a Literary Masterpiece – God’s limitless Mind is speaking.

Read your Bible – like It’s a Love Letter – No one, but No One loves you like God does. – 2/24/20


“To keep the blessing, there must be steadfast, childlike faith…

Unbelief is banished. Doubts are put away.”

– Samuel L Brengle


Mountain – Fountain [last of longer poem]

I’ve tasted water from the ocean,

And from a hand-dug well,

Quenched my thirst from a clear stream,

And from pure snow that fell.

The Living Water that the Son gives out

Satisfies the soul.

And cleans from sin, without a doubt.

– eab, Feb. ‘73


“…Life must have almost burst with fullness of gladness! Walking with God! Talking with God! Communing with God!…All this by faith, by simple trust, by childlike confidence.”

– Samuel L Brengle


The place where two or three Believers meet becomes a sanctuary, whither white-frame, forest glen, or old brick. The meeting place is wonderfully less important than the meeting; a meeting of like-souled-saints, seeking while still on His footstool, to worship the Heavenly King high on His impossible-to-imagine throne. Enjoy His presence as you enjoy the presence of your peers; all of you met to adore the Almighty, the joy made greater by being shared. – 2/24/20


Mat 18.20

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name,

there am I in the midst of them.”


“None can believe how powerful prayer is & what it is able to effect

but those who have learned it by experience.”

– Martin Luther


May I, as a septuagenarian, make a request, whither you see yourself as a follower of Christ or a sinner. Please do not get a tattoo. It won’t make you richer, more fluent in speech, a better driver/pilot; in fact, I can see no place where a tattoo will improve life. No Place. But it will mark you (sadly, this is more than a pun). A tattoo marks you as a person who wants to connect with sinful surroundings. (Saints aren’t known as tattoo wearers.) A tattoo marks you as one who willingly connects with the heathen. (Heathens across yrs have tattooed.) And a tattoo marks you as one who devalues his God-made body. Do not Ink. -2/24/20


“…The Holy Ghost teaches, preaches & declares Christ…

we must 1st hear the Word & then afterwards the Holy Ghost works in our hearts…”

– Martin Luther

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Ruth 1.16 +

Ruth 1.16

“…Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:”


Please look at that meme BEFORE you repost it. Too often I see pics that are not modest. PLEASE, I (nor other guys) to do not need to see sleaze. I take the time to hide it but the mental pic may still remain. NOTE – Ladies you seem to be worse in posting immodest memes. Think about the temptations to Husband, Boyfriend, Son, Grandson. – 2/14/20


“The man who wants power, just when it is most needed,

must walk with God. He must be a friend of God.”

– Samuel L Brengle


HE LOVES ME (song)

It’s a wonderful thing to know

In this journey here below,

He loves me, He loves me.

Now I have no worries or frets,

He forgives and forgets,

He loves me, He loves me.

v1 He sees the sparrow when it falls,

Hears the saint every time he calls,

v2 The very hairs of your head have numbers,

He never sleeps, and He never slumbers.

– eab, Feb. 1972


“Remember, if you want to retain a clean heart, don’t argue!”

– Commissioner Dowdle, quoted by, Brengle


“Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof…”(2Ti 3.5). “Having a form” (IMO) is not the biggest problem; men are creatures of habit & it’s to be expected that they’ll carry this habit into the religions they create. Baptists have a form, Congregationalists a form, Methodists (very name) have a form, Presbyterians a form. God, by wonderful contrast, is so original He doesn’t need a form or a habit.- 2/21/20


2Ti 3.5

“Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof:

from such turn away.”


No man understands the Scripture,

unless he be acquinted with the cross.

– Martin Luther


You & I’ve never lived in a time like this. If we live long enough to see calmer seas, we may label this time chaotic. If we see rougher seas (I hope not) we may look back with a wish that we’d prayed more – make that MORE – in 2020. We hear news & “news,” we hear false reports by people who think they’re helping & false reports from rascals who know they’re sowing trouble. The devil would like us to get confused. Please friend, I urge you & me to do what we’ll later wish we’d done – Pray. Do pray MORE than you’ve been praying. Pray, hold onto God’s Word, & hold onto your faith in Christ. – 2/22/20


“All people that seek & labor to come God thru any other means than only thru Christ (as Jews Turks, Papists, false saints, heretics, etc) walk in horrible darkness & error…”

– Martin Luther

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Jos 24.15 +

Jos 24.15

“…If it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve…

but as for me & my house, we will serve the LORD.”


“Pentecost was…

Joel’s prophecy & Jesus’ promise.”

– Samuel L Brengle


“Denying the power” is the crucial point (2Ti 3.5). Some profess to love Christ while denying that one can live above sin. (Sadly many churches allow, yea push, a sinning religion.) Many claim to love Christ but deny that one can have a pure heart. Ultimately the denying of power is a slap against God – the Source of all power in heaven & on earth. – 2/21/20


“The Holy Ghost in him enabled him to understand what the Holy Ghost

 in holy men of old enabled them to write.”

– Samuel L Brengle


“Common” Rod

Moses had a famous rod,

Ordinary “pole” – – – till God

Blessed it in the hand of Moses,

Ending all which God opposes.

“Common” becomes great at God’s nod!

– eab, 2/21/07


“Inward holiness will produce outward righteousness &

there is no better condition than that in this country.”

– Uncle Buddy Robinson


The most dangerous “christians” are fake ones. They claim they love Christ. In reality, they love their “picture” of Him, not what the NT teaches about Him. These false “christians” can be treacherous when they know (in their carnal hearts) that they’re faking it. It may be even more scary if/when they’re false but have lied to themselves (believing their lies) & think they’re real when they’re satan’s agents. – 2/21/20


Pro 14.14

“The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways…”


Backsliding is so dangerous because (if the backslider was truly saved) he DOES know how to please God, yet he refuses to end his rebellion & to go God’s way. Reader, if you’re a backslider do not pillow your head tonight without expressing a true sorrow to Christ for your rebellion & asking Him for mercy. – 2/21/20


“No guidance is of the Holy Spirit which collides

with the Bible inspired by the Spirit.”

– Daniel Steele, STD

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