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Lev 20.7 +

Lev 20.7

“Sanctify yourselves therefore & be ye holy:

for I am the LORD your God.”


“…Frailty of our bodies often weakens our animation of mind, depresses our spirits,

taxes our patience & produces heaviness though the heart retains its purity and integrity.”

– J A Wood


Birds see what is good for them to eat & eat it. They see when there is danger near & fly from it. Sinners take into their bodies things that are not food. They move toward life styles which are dangerous instead of fleeing from them. Who has the “bird-brains”? 1/30/20


“Never be unemployed;

never be triflingly employed.”

– John Wesley



He ate as ordinary men ate;

And slept on His side or back.

When He walked the dusty path

His sandals left a common track

But, ah, when He spoke His Godhood

Showed; never Man spake as He.

Listen now, friend, to His words

Words from an ancient Galilee.

Truth unvarnished, Truth to make you live

That’s what He gave – & still has to freely give.



“We took our beef to the devil, asked him to stamp it prime

& then wondered why it went bad.”

– Al Janney, CEA 1968(c.)


We see a changing/changed America. Why? Some would fault a lower patriotism. As an observer of parts of eight(8) decades I disagree. I’ve never seen such a plethora of flags nor heard/seen so many people positioning themselves politically as the last few yrs. Our problems are 1.) A lower respect for life (both in & out of the womb. 2.) A lower love for freedom of speech & “sister” freedoms. 3.) A lower loyalty to God, His Holy Word, & faith in/use of, the power of prayer. 2/1/20


Joh 8.36

“If the Son therefore shall make you free,

ye shall be free indeed.”


There is True Christianity. There are several “christianities” which are false. (“Partly false is all false.”)

There was a true historical (OT) Jewry. There are who-knows-how-many Jewish clicks which are false.

There are other entities which are true but have one-to-many-usurpers. Allow a huge third. There is a true Internationalism – the world-wide group of Christ followers who respect brothers & sisters in every nation. Sadly, there’s a false internationalism (“one world-ism”) which will help usher in the antichrist. – 2/1/20


“Nothing confirms evil men in their course

more than the backsliding of the righteous.”

– Vance Havner

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