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Num 32.23 +

Num 32.23

“…Behold, ye have sinned against the LORD:

& be sure your sin will find you out.


Do evangelicals still believe in Hell? Do holiness churches still believe in Damnation? Pastor, when’s the last time your entire sermon was about Hell? When did you last address horrors of the lost in one of your major points? “Well, I don’t want to scare people away.” Brother, its better that you scare one or two away than they not be scared of dying & dropping into Hell. (As a preacher, retired, I’m aware that such a message needs to be bathed in prayer AND that it takes work to prepare yourself & to deliver it. Maybe that’s one reason we hear little about it anymore.) – 2/4/20


“Any one who reads his Bible in sincerity ‘not handling the Word of God deceitfully’ will see that it plainly teaches that God expects His people to be holy & that we must be holy to be happy…”          

– Samuel L Brengle



Just a few more hours to labor,

Just a little while to toil,

And tomorrow we’ll be gathered around the throne.

The whole harvest now is ready,

Even now it starts to spoil;

Gather sheaves for Him,

O, gather what was sown.

– eab, Feb. 1980


In God’s school we learn through the heart rather than through the head

& by faith rather than logic.”

– Samuel L Brengle


Does your pastor need a day off? Yes, it’s a great idea for every pastor to have a day off. Do your best to honor his day, only calling him in case of real emergency. He needs time with this family & if his nest is empty, with this wife. And, yes, do not begrudge him a vacation (the longer he’s been with you, the longer his vacation). Again, honor that time away with no contact unless something awful happens. He’ll be a better man for his day off & his time off – if he uses them wisely. – 2/5/20


Rom 13.7

“Render therefore to all their dues…custom to whom custom…

honor to whom honor.”


There are ten thousand ways to hell and only one to heaven,

but with a good guide we need have no fear of losing our way.

– Sam Jones


LET YOUTH KNOW. If you’re a pastor of young people or associated (whatever level) with a Christian school, please tell youth if an important “christian” man visits your city or tell them of his death, or burial, if near you. “Christian” is in quotes: he may not be your stripe but if he preaches Bible & lives clean (without approving of his doctrine) you might consider letting them know. I post this because just today (2/6/20) I found out Henry Halley [wrote Halley Bible Commentary] died while I was in college & was buried in KY, not that far where I lived. Wish I’d have known. 2/6/20


“David was a great sinner,

but he was a first-class repenter.

– Sam Jones

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