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Deu 25.4 +

Deu 25.4

“Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out [the corn].


A sinner would not/could not be happy in God’s Pure Heaven. No corner bar. No brothel. No professional ball (this could be a long list). God, of course, has known this so He provided to give man a new heart (long time before Dr Christiaan Barnard did heart transplant 12/3/67 in S. Africa). With a new heart – therefore no longer a sinner – souls are fine with, in fact Love, the Purity of God’s Eternal Heaven. – 2/13/20


“History is full of instances of essential truth dropping first out of experience,

then out of the creed.”

– Daniel Steele, STD


  1. E. E.

For centuries paper and ink,

Have been a blessing or have caused a “stink.”

We’ve not failed to use those two,

Because the devil used them too.

Now the blog, email – the “eword”

Are new ways to share God’s Sword.

“Media” has brought a change,

Evangelism has a greater range.

– eab, 2/14/13


“I blessed God that Wesley was ever born. I learn from him that my chief business in this world is to [ be] well out of it.”

– John Nelson  


If you love God, you can’t hate people. In fact, Jesus said, repeat JESUS said “…Love your enemies…” You can’t hate one democrat. You can totally disagree with socialistic ideas (& I do) but you can’t hate “HIM” or “HER” (with whom did you replace these pronouns?) You can’t hate one republican. You may not like all Mr Trump did (I don’t) but you can’t hate him. You may not like it that I’ve posted a hopefully calming post but you can’t hate me. There’s a REAL danger of “christians” being more political than Christian. 2/14/20


Mat 6.6

“…When thou prayest, enter into thy closet…when thou hast shut thy door,

pray to thy Father which is in secret; & thy Father…shall reward thee openly.”


“…The devil’s cunning…if he cannot hurt by persecuting & destroying,

he doth it under color of correcting & building up.”

– Martin Luther


A writer must write & eventually seeks out a nook. Warmer weather may allow a tree house, barn, unheated back porch – colder weather it may be attic, corner of basement, etc. An artist craves a studio, a place to be alone, to be creative & his studio is found in similar locations to the above. A Pray-er must pray. He needs a retreat where he hears from God & God hears from him. Of the three the prayer’s place is the most important: to him for his survival, & to the world for his intercession. Nook, studio, closet: the world can get along without that art, & we probably can do without the book but O, how we need prayer. Hie thee to thy closet friend. – 2/14/20


“…This is the proper office of an apostle,

to set forth the glory & benefit of Christ.

– Martin Luther

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