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Deu 25.4 +

Deu 25.4

“Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out [the corn].


A sinner would not/could not be happy in God’s Pure Heaven. No corner bar. No brothel. No professional ball (this could be a long list). God, of course, has known this so He provided to give man a new heart (long time before Dr Christiaan Barnard did heart transplant 12/3/67 in S. Africa). With a new heart – therefore no longer a sinner – souls are fine with, in fact Love, the Purity of God’s Eternal Heaven. – 2/13/20


“…Spirituality has sunk to so low a point that few believers in the pulpits

& in the pews are thirsting after full salvation…”

– Daniel Steele, STD



A wedding is proposed, between “X” and who-knows

And is feared, yea, prophesied a disaster

Folks “in the know” (who always know how things go)

Really wish he hadn’t ask her.


“He’s such a limited chap, never placed in fortune’s lap”

A union like this has to come to no good end

Such was common talk up and down the town’s board walk

With similar statements of the negative blend.


In month two the weddings in bloom despite prophets of doom

She DID make a pretty bride and he a handsome groom

A week became a month, a month became a year

And all the prediction of “I fear, I fear”

Slowed slower and came to a reluctant stop


One year became two, then five then nine

They got along finer than fine

And “incompetent” though they may have been

When they started “way back when”

They’re now happy parents of four


The bacon he DOES bring home, from which he doesn’t roam

And her? She keeps a tidy place

Their home’s a credit to the human race.

In their later years they were seen as very stable

(those “kids” seen as not “marriagebly able”).


Pray for the couple which about you have nagging doubt

Remember, your view COULD be wrong

Sweet melodies have eventually come

From where you didn’t expect a single song

And give the two your prayers, not your downward thumb.

– eab, 2/18/16


“All truly spiritual minds all along down the Christian ages present a consensus of opinion on the deadening spiritual effects of the dance, the card-table, the theatre.”

– Daniel Steele, STD


Hell will have many souls who never were saved. It will have several (I’m afraid) who were saved but never “died out” to self. And, hell will have some who were truly saved & sanctified. What happened? There were probably a variety of reasons but almost all began with a lessening of honest praying & a lessening of obedience to the Holy Spirit. Please, friend, YOU have no more important business TODAY than getting right, & then keeping Spiritually Alive. – 2/15/20


Rev 12.9

“…the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil & Satan,

which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth & his angels were cast out with him.


“If God had not hell, or did not punish the wicked,

he should be loved and praised of men.”

– Martin Luther


It is one of the gladdest days of life, sinner, when you finally admit – that the world does not satisfy. You’ve tried larger & larger portions. You’ve tried a variety of potions. God never intended that a fleeting, faulty world satisfy your soul – You were made for higher things.

God made you to be a Rolls Royce; stop tacking old Ford/Chevy parts on “for looks.” – 2/15/20


“…Potentates have raged against this Book & sought to destroy & uproot It…

they are gone & vanished while the book remains…perfect & entire as it was declared at the first.”

– Martin Luther

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