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1Sa 14.6 +

1Sa 14.6

“…For there is no restraint to the LORD to save by many or by few.”


“Converse sparingly with women” says Mr. Wesley,

“especially with young women.”

– quoted by Adam Clarke


Church, when real, is the best organism on earth. It is helping prepare souls for heaven.

When it’s false, church is big rip-off – – – a con-game “for the books.” People give money for a coffee, a little “music,” a little positive-thinking-pep-talk. They pretend they’re getting ready for heaven but they’re headed toward hell. Without God “church” can be called the worst organization on earth. – 2/24/20


“…None of your hearers will be more affected with your discourse than yourself.

A dul, dead, preacher makse a dull, dead congregation.”

– Adam Clarke



Broadway has the sound

Of lots and lots of room.

But it does not advertise

Its end is always, Always, doom.

– eab, Feb 2004


“How about your record as a mother?…If that worldly, unsaved daughter of yours were to die right now while I am speaking, could God hold you blameless at the Judgment?”

– J M Hames


I’m writing this as a man who’s been known for his laugh allow some advice: 1.) Laugh only at clean, squeaky clean humor – shouldn’t have to say this but it seems needed. 2.) Laugh at what’s funny – not at that said to be “funny” followed by a face or pause showing they want you to laugh. 3.) Laugh at “accidental” humor – but please don’t seek out jokers, funny story tellers. I see no place that Jesus “made” people laugh. I’m sorry churches have lowered themselves to the level of inviting in a comedian. – 2/25/20


Pro 22.6

“Train up a child in the way he should go: &

when he is old, he will not depart from it.”


Warning LONG POST. Have you laid plans to home school this fall? “It’s too much work.” or “I’ve seen too many home school kids who weren’t educated.” or “Why should I do that – public school is free.”

too much work… It is work; anybody who says otherwise is not being truthful. Training is clearly a part of child-raising. Having kids is work; will be until they are ______ (age).

I’ve seen too many…Some have done a poorer job than others. Agreed. But since this Home School will be yours (not “theirs”) you can make your work “perfectly” J (or, at least better). Learn from the mistakes you’ve seen. Don’t throw out the concept just because you’ve see a less-than-ideal product.

…public school is free. 1st let’s get the name right, it’s a State school: owned by the State, teachers indoctrinated by State approved institutions, using State stamped textbooks, therefore feeding your child a State permitted diet. 2nd look at “free” You are loaning them the most valuable thing in your house & too many times State school kids carry the expensive Stamp of the State to their graves. It is not free. – 2/24/20


“I still believe men are lost! I am afraid of this age of indifference!

— Oh, I am afraid of being lost!”

– U E Harding

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