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1Sa 20.3 +

1Sa 20.3

“Truly as the LORD liveth & as thy soul liveth,

there is but a step between me and death.”


“When we exempt ourselves from the hurts, we exempt ourselves from the blessings”

– J Belvin Green


“…From the beginning of the creation God made them male & female”(Mar 10.6). Anyone who is male but wants to female is rebelling against God. The female who wants to be male is in rebellion against her Creator. The devil has made it his sorry “business” since the Garden, to rebel against his Maker (satan was created right & went wrong) & has spread his seeds of anarchy until now people are even resisting God’s most basic order of two (& only two) sexes. – 2/29/20


“Revivals are born after midnight.”

– Glenn Griffith


Job Description

My “job” is not to succeed,

As the world counts success;

But my “job” is to be faithful –

As God rates faith-ful-ness.- eab, 3/1/07


Why do you watch disney/hollywood movies? Does your pastor not warn you about them? Are you addicted to movies? (Maybe you’re addicted but afraid to admit it to yourself.) To watch these is similar to “opening your head” & letting satan pour in whatever he likes. If are obsessed with movies ask God to free you from their grip. He can do that but He’s not likely to until you ask Him. The movies, the wardrobes, the language, the satanic-ness of disney/hollywood should not be in your life. – 3/1/20


“According to history, truth is more frequently

 in the possession of the minority.”

– Carl McIntire


Psa 73.12

“Behold, these are the ungodly, who prosper in the world;

 they increase in riches.”


Read your New Testament carefully! I fear the “modern church” & politicians are accepting what today is called “Israel” too easily. More than the NT warrants. (It’s not popular to sound a trumpet like this; I ask you to re-read & think – could the “experts” on prophecy be missing something?) The last 10 NT Books do not have the words “Jewish, Jewry, Jews,” then up pops 2 verses in Revelation. These are the last times we see “Jews.” Rev 2.9 & 3.9 both have “…Which say they are Jews and are not…” Surely astute Bible readers should pay attention. Ask God to help you to not be fooled. – 3/1/20


“Scripture will not be understood nor sound doctrine valued &

defended as long as Self has not been denied in surrender to the will of God.”

– Dave Hunt

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