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1Sa 30.6 +

1Sa 30.6

“…But David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.”


Parents. Why are you allowing someone to paint your child’s face? “Hush, Bryan, that’s so innocent.” Please awaken & know that putting an animal face or stripes or dots on your child’s face is not innocent. God’s complexion should not be altered by paint, as a child, or lipstick/powders, as a supposed adult. (One may lead to other.) You’re crossing a barrier between the look God gave & the face of a clown. – 3/2/20


“…The problem behind problems & the problem bigger than all problems

is the problem of sin.”

– Steve D Herron



To have God’s true Direction

You must accept His Correction,

His careful Inspection,

And Pentecost’s Perfection.

– eab, 3/4/10


“S.D., I’ve known some people who looked like the best people since Pentecost but they began to squabble; they began to pick…‘You don’t have it, & U don’t have this or the other’ And he said, ‘the bats & owls have their churches.”

– told to Herron by H Robb French


Was asked last night if I thought the antichrist will be a Jew or not. If (as seems to be commonly thought) he will try to make the Jews think he’s a “messiah,” he may appear as a Jew. He will be in cahoots with satan (& satan’s a liar) so bear in mind the antichrist may not be of Abraham’s blood-line but may say he is, whether he is or not. There are many today who claim Jewish-ness but are not (see Rev 2.9 & 3.9). – 3/4/20


Mat 10.32

“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men,

him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.”


“Let God have your life; He can do more with it than you can.”

– D L Moody


The devil will tell you two lies (among how-ever-many others in your “3 score & 10”). Believe neither.

He’ll tell you that you’re “pretty-good;” that you really are too nice a guy/gal to go to hell, & that God’s requirements are too high. Or, hear it, or, satan will tell you, you have sinned too much, that you’ll never be able to get right with God, so give up, don’t even try. He is a liar. – 3/4/20


“When asked, ‘So…you really expect that you will make an impression on the idolatry of the great Chinese empire?’ relied, ‘No sir, I expect God will.’”

– Robert Morris

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