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2Sa 12.23 +

2Sa 12.23

“…I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.”


“…Everything we have ever heard in a Holiness tent meeting, every…dream & foretaste of heaven…when we got loose & got out in the aisle & got our hands in the air & felt that God was all around & heaven was not 10 feet away, will that day become a glorious reality!”

– Lawrence B Hicks


You may’ve heard – the richest man in the village dies. The country-store whittlers were discussing his passing. One asked, “How much did he leave?” Another guy answered, “All of it.”

This supposed account has a wonderful balance.

When the poor saint dies, he, Praise God, leaves all his Poverty behind also. – 3/1/20


“If God can find a hungry heart,

He can do anything with that heart.”

– Steve Hight



Though I give my life at a faster pace,

For Christian education,

Thus causing my wife to need additional grace.

For our financial situation,

Though I yearn for right in the books of youth,

Strong character building,

And spend night and day in proof of truth,

Pursuing, never yielding,

Though I write and read, preparing and teaching,

Properly being critical,

If I do not take heed to my own “preaching”

My life is hypocritical.

– eab, Mar. ’72


Thank You! I want to say “Thank You” to all of you who post KJV verses on fb. Some of the scenic backgrounds are lovely & the Scripture is good to see again. And – – – allow me to add I appreciate all of you who (tho you may not post) are daily reading the Classic King James Bible. You are part of one of the greatest groups in the English speaking world. Blessings. – 3/4/20


“He that lives to live forever,

never fears dying.”

– Wm Penn


Exo 13.18

“But God led the people about, through the way of the wilderness of the Red sea:

& the children of Israel went up harnessed* out of the land of Egypt.” *[Think back-packs]


Seven yrs ago this AM God gave me the most clear direction I’ve ever had in life. (Thanks Be to God, He had directed all moves since I graduated from college.) After seeking His will for weeks, on March 5, 2013 I read these words in Jer 4.6 “…retire, stay not…” I chuckled, laid my Bible up on a higher part of my desk, & said out loud, “Well, I guess you can’t get much plainer than that.” (Later, I figured that this was the 22nd time I’d read it, but hadn’t seen it that way.) God can lead You TOO Friend. Be patient. Three months to-the-day my wife had her stroke – what timing! I’ve filled in a number of pulpits in IN, OH, & TN since & happy to do so, but I was definitely led to retire from pastoring. – 3/5/20


“Vile books, vulgar advertisements, obscene pictures, smutty stories

…& the so called theatre, are the carrion on which impurity feeds.”

– S M Sayford

[1] Written after reflecting in the park behind our little Akron, Ohio home.

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