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1Ki 15.14 +

1Ki 15.14

“…Asa’s heart was perfect with the LORD all his days.”


“You are no better than that you give consent to.”

– Spenser Johnson


LONG POST. I do not hate the guy you’re with, ma’am, nor do I hate the gal you’re with sir. What I oppose & oppose strongly is a “couple” where he has another living wife or where she has another living husband. “But, but she was unfaithful to me (or “he ran around on me”).” Did you promise *Till Death Do Us Part*? “Yes. But…” If your original mate is incarcerated & will be till 2050, you’re still married. If your mate is in a nursing home & doesn’t even know who you are, you’re still married until he/she dies. “Bryan, you’re awfully hard.” If you’ll avoid that second marriage & will truly obey Jesus, 15 seconds into Heaven you’ll be so glad you endured 10, 25 even 40 yrs of celibacy. Remaining single has to be hard. Eternity in hell IS harder, so much harder. I have no words to even slightly describe it. Be strong. 3/7/20


“When God loved, He loved the world;

& when He gave, He gave a Son.”

– Andrew N Johnson



Earth’s night is coming with such speed.

Dark’ning shades fall – take heed.

Evil shall multiply worse and worse

Sinful sowing – a harvest of the curse.

Do not expect world-wide-awakening

Satan’s grip – death’s final shaking

Await the world’s wide worship of self

Fully more evil as myth, fairy, or elf.

Antichrist comes; perhaps lives this hour

Shaping his groups, sharpening his power.

Earth and heaven will both pass away

The above could sound like a gloomy day

The Bible foretells of earthquake and dark

Pestilence, famine, sights harsh and stark

Sin, so rampant since Eve’s disloyal act

Has grown, “gathered steam” on its wild track

Today’s the day Friend, if you’re going to come back.

– eab, March 2012


Christian (or one, who if pressed, would admit to being one) are you having a hard time trying to be grateful? Has life thrown you some tough decisions? Financial, marital, physical problems? Allow me to encourage you to ask God for help to (at least momentarily) lay those aside. Ask Him to help you to be truly grateful for what IS right in your life. Thank Him for that bright, positive thing & Bless His Name.



“Grace is indeed needed to turn a man into a saint;

& he who doubts it does not know what a saint or a man is.”

– Blaise Pascal


1Th 5.18

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God

 in Christ Jesus concerning you.”


When a child wants to talk (pre-ten, pre-teen,  pre-twenty), listen. They are offering you a window into their private world. You are a guest, invited in to share that about which they care. “I’m in too big a hurry.” You may not honestly be – so be honest. If in reality you are too busy then look them straight in the eye, tell them you must do so-n-so & beg their pardon. Then when you are free, take them to place they like to eat, you treat, & listen (praying inside) to know how to respond when that time comes.  3/8/20


“Any discipline you want your child to have you must exemplify yourself.”

– Michael Pearl   [Same can be said of people & pastor]

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