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1Ki 22.14 +

1Ki 22.14

“And Micaiah said, ‘As the LORD liveth,

what the LORD saith unto me, that will I speak.’”


“A torch loses no light & heat

by lighting a thousand other torches.”

– Samuel L Brengle


S – Selfish

U – Unnecessary

I – Individual

C – Contagious

I – Inside-problems

D – Doesn’t end problem

E – Eternity – 3/7/20


“Those who profess this blessing are often accused of boasting. But this is not true.

They are simply declaring that Jesus has done for them what He died to do.”

– Samuel L Brengle



There is music in the wind

As it caresses pine & spruce.

And percussion in thunder

As it rumbles & lets loose.

There is rhythm in the “brimy”

As it stalks the sandy shore.

And “rests” in silent snowflakes

Rests of nature, ever-more.

There are chimes in watery notes

Gliding now o’er Smoky’s stones.

Yes, God gives His world music –

If we’re a-tune to its wild tones.

– eab, 3/13/20


Charles Dickens made famous, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times…” He was half right.

Now is the best time for you. It is your time to be alive. Someone may say but “I’m in pain” or “I need a job” or “I’m fighting a huge spiritual battle.” I am sorry for your hurts, or lack of money, or soul battle but if – in the midst of your hard circumstances if you’ll Look in Faith to Christ, praise Him, & follow His explicit directions, you may soon be rejoicing in “your time.” What a time to be alive! – 3/12/20


“Eternity will never get older and

it was never young.”

– H E Darnell


Joh 1.1

“In the beginning was the Word & the Word was with God

& the Word was God.”


Jesus is the Word. He is the Living Word, the eternal Word, the Divine Expression of God. He is not a number. A man who wants to argue for numbers might try to assign the number 1 to God, attempting to say He was first. Three problems: 1.) The Bible makes it very clear that God is also the Last (so much for mathematics). 2.) There is no true second (or #2) – not one of all God’s untold billions of creations is worthy to be a #2, so the argument for God being #1 is lost. 3.) God is Three-in-One or One-in-three; a peculiarity which does not fit in math equations. – 3/12/20


“We are the ambassadors of eternity in the courts of time…

it is our business to permeate the courts of time with the atmosphere of eternity.”

– Duncan Campbell

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