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2Ki 2.14 +

2Ki 2.14

“…He took the mantle of Elijah that fell from him

& smote the waters & said, ‘Where is the LORD God of Elijah?’”


“Perfection in the language of Scripture

 means the absence of committed sins…”

– H L Ferguson


Questions I wish you would ask & answer to yourself – Be Honest.

Where is your prayer closet (i.e. the place you normally go to pray)?

When is the last time you visited it – been there in the last 24?

About what do you mainly pray? Physical needs, financial needs souls to be saved, sanctified?

How often do you pray for your pastor? If you’re a pastor how often do you pray for your people? – 3/15/20


“Reputation is what men think you are but

your character is what God & your family know[s] you are.”

– R G Flexon



If we could have been there “Creation Morn”

When God (I speak reverently) played in dirt,

And glimpsed His pleasure in making man,

(And seen His grimace at thoughts of hurt).


If we could’ve watched Him lattice the heavens

With a trillion stars at a splash,

And felt Him harness ‘lectric lightning,

Giving it, its sizzle and flash,


If we could have stood by in wonder,

As He “finished” the peacock’s tail,

And sensed His majestic power

When He first “invented” hail.


If we could have seen – from freckled feather,

To the smallest azure lagoon,

We’d have seen Him “step back” with pleasure,

Gently signing it all, “Triune!”

– eab, Mar. 1995


OPINION. Several gospel songs refer to seeing a loved one in heaven. Please don’t allow such central in your theology of heaven. Nor be expecting a family member to be waiting inside “the Gate.” If our dead relative is in heaven they (IMO) will be so grateful to Jesus for full salvation that they’ll be praising Him. I think they’ll welcome us to join them it praise then quickly return their attention to Christ.

[ And – hear this – heaven will be no less heaven if our loved-one is not there. Go to see Jesus. ]


Lincoln’s proclamation of amnesty to the confederates was issued regardless of their desire for it. Some held out for yrs. Some never accepted it. But it was their’s for the taking all the time. So with God’s grace.”

– from 3000 Illustrations


Mat 5.14

“Ye are the light of the world.

A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”


It’s an unwise minister who preaches that the one in the casket is in hell. {{ Read that again if you need to.}} There’ve been last minute conversions – probably more rare than we want to admit – but real.

AND it’s an unwise preacher who assumes the deceased was a “shoo-in” to heaven. What they appeared to be in the sanctuary, or at the place of work doesn’t mean they were truly believing & obeying. Secret backsliding or failure to keep a hot heart toward God is too possible.

It’s not a pastor’s “job” to assign the destinations, but to challenge hearers to be ready for their death hour.


I don’t care what a man says he believes with his lips;

I want to know, with a vengeance, what he says with his life & actions.

– Sam Jones

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