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2Ki 20.1 +

2Ki 20.1

“Thus saith the LORD, ‘Set thine house in order;

for thou shalt die & not live.’”


“You can be so sanctified that everyone around you is getting blessed, you aren’t, but it OK. Or you can be the only one getting blessed & you do not deride them for not being as blessed as you are.”

– C Ponder Frederick – The essence of Frederick’s idea (c. 1973) in eab’s words.


Is God bi-lingual? Tri-lingual? Poly-lingual? God is ALL-lingual. Image that; there’s not a language (or dialect) spoken in the most remote valley of the farthest isle that He does not understand. More? The Almighty even understands what you *meant* to say but it came out wrong. – 3/17/20


“There is no fuller life

than the life given fully to God”

– G R “Bob” French, 2/19/97



She prayed with her lips, without sound

Thought Eli, “a drunk, I have found.”

She told him her plight,

God made everything right,

Soon son Samuel was temple-bound. 1Sa 1.13

– eab, Mar. ’05



Many men & women in confinement (here or abroad) would say – strongly say – they want Freedom. Their mind is so often, if not always, referring to physical freedom. The greatest freedom is the freedom from sin. There’s not a guy or gal on the face of our earth who cannot have freedom from sin, today, 3/17/20! Their body may still be held “in bonds” but their soul – saved from sin – can soar heavenward in Praise & Adoration. – 3/17/20


Ignorance of the Holy Scriptures is the cause of all evils.

If we go unarmed to battle how can we escape.”

– Chrysostom


Joh 8.32

“And ye shall know the truth &

 the truth shall make you free.”


Dare you ask yourself, “Am I worldly?” Here’s a test. 1.) What thing do you enjoy above everything (doing, or reading, or hearing, or feeling)? [Don’t tell me, but admit to yourself.]  2.) Can you do, read, listen to or have this sensation in heaven? If the answer is no, drop it. If you say yes (& you are not lying to yourself) ask the most Godly person you know if they think saints are doing, reading, such in heaven. It is of utmost importance to “Love not the world…”(1Jo 2.15). – 3/17/20


“Jesus is the Word. The Bible is Words about the Word. Theology is words about the Words about the Word. All the time you’re getting farther from Christ.

– Richard Wurmbrand

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