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1Ch 16.11 +

1Ch 16.11

“Seek the LORD & his strength,

seek his face continually.”


“My heart cry is, ‘Oh! God give us men!’

Men who are genuine in experience. Men who are unselfish.”

– Glenn Griffith


The devil has said (liar that he is) “You can’t live without sinning.” Sadly satan as succeeded in getting preachers/churches, in fact, even denominations to agree with him. But Jesus told a bad woman, “…Go & sin NO MORE” [caps added] (Joh 8.11). Are you going to believe satan or Christ – – – that IS your choice.

– 3/17/20


“We’ll never reach this world

except with the message of holiness.”

– Glenn Griffith



We’ve missed something, who missed the age,

When horse, or horse and carriage, were the rage.

Be he black or white or shades of beige

(This main convenience o’er stone and sage)

He/she had a beating heart in their ribcage

(not merely wheels, gears an occasional gauge)

True, driven or not they needed their oaty “wage”

And you arrived in town at a slower stage

But Wesley (& others) astride read many a page.

Ah, We’ve missed something, who missed that age.

– eab, 3/18/08


Un-regenerate man seems to love numbers. Un-regenerate man manipulates numbers. Such men “play the numbers” in the stock market & casino & some deaths may even be connected to numbers.

God lives above numbers. God does not need numbers. God is never controlled by numbers. And, if we, His children will learn, He’ll teach us to be like Him. Are you (am I) ready to learn calmness in an age addicted to numbers? – 3/17/20


“Nobody was in a mood for cheap, superficial ham acting, they were facing sin & hell & judgment…Today the theatre has been set up in our living rooms…we are immersed in a world of sham…What I saw in…was not a show, it was an encounter with God…The gospel was never meant for entertainment.”

– Vance Havner


Luk 10.2

“…Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,

that he would send forth laborers into his harvest.”


Is it less than blasphemy to sing songs on Sunday…as ‘All that thrills my soul is Jesus’ but spend hours a week at ball parks or before a TV trying to ‘get a kick’ out of life?”

Leonard Ravenhill


Our churches should be sending out pastors & pastor’s wives, evangelists & evangelist’s wives. When is the last time your church sent out such? No better plaque can adorn the wall in your entrance foyer than a list of former Sun. Sch. kids, or youth who used to attend your house of worship, but are now serving Jesus Christ in Asia, Africa, Europe, N. America, S. America or Oceania. – 3/17/20

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