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2Ch 29.11 +

2Ch 29.11

“My sons, be not now negligent: for the LORD hath chosen you to stand before him,

to serve him & that ye should minister unto him…”


“The highest level of Christian holiness

that the Bible teaches is forgiveness.”

– Richard Humble


Recently I’ve seen G K Chesterton quoted, again – a roman catholic writer. Think. In a sense we approve of the person we quote – not just those few words, but also their religion/life style. By putting their words out to the public we’re “saying” they said it better than we would’ve. I try to only quote souls I have a hope that they’re in heaven or use a disclaimer. I’d urge you to do the same. No, we don’t know their hearts but Christ Himself furnished a powerful test “…By their fruits ye shall know them”(Mat 7.20). – 3/6/20


“Sin is against God & since God is eternal

sin must be punished eternally.”

– Spencer Johnson



Mans’ body was made to carry the soul;

Not the mind – as Edison said.

Which I’m sure he found out, since he stepped out,

Leaving the living, for the dead.

Yes, the body was made to carry the soul;

The weak to carry the strong,

The shortest lived, its life to give,

To shelter the one that lives long.

– eab, Mar. 1972


Spies lead two lives (or more) & may wear two-to-many disguises, one at least like the enemy. I see no where in the NT that Christians are to look like, dress like, talk like the enemy. So – – – why do I see professing Christians looking like spies – trying to blend in with satan’s fallen kingdom? – 3/17/20


“Brethren, it [The Bible] is inexhaustible…the Word is like its

Author, infinite, immeasurable, without end.”

– C H Spurgeon


2Pe 1.21

“For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man:

but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.”


…John Bright say he would cheerfully rest the whole question

of inspiration on the Bible on the Psalms.”

– quoted by Henry W Warren, M E bishop


Come to Christ, & be Born Again, then make sure all the chapters of your life are clean: all lived for Him. Do not worry about the last “chapter” (death). If God allows you to live to 99, live holy, as unto the Lord. If He allows you to be killed for Him; let that be OK too. The devil would like us to worry about the ending “chapter.” Don’t. We’re all going to die; what better way to die than being ready & even being a martyr? -3/19/20

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