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Neh 6.3 +

Neh 6.3

“…I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down:

why should the work cease, whilst I leave it & come down to you.”


“What the world needs to see is the wonder

& beauty of God-possessed personalities…”

– Duncan Campbell


Dad & mom (Bless their memories.) didn’t want me playing cards. As I perceive it now, the best way to prevent me gambling with cards later, was to forbid me playing “Old Maids.” I believe that’s correct thinking. I obeyed them & have never gambled in my life. From time to time I see christian parents allowing (maybe even playing) card games. PLEASE, for the sake of your child’s future, pray about removing all card games from you home. I wish you would. – 3/25/20


“If you always tell the truth you won’t have to remember

what you said before because you will always tell the same story.”

– Wilfred Edwards


Here or There?

The next time you check your checking account,

You smile with delight – what a fine amount,

Or you frown, disappointed at the low count,

Remember, it all stays here.


The next time you survey all the surveyor agrees

Is yours to do with, just as you please,

You’ve paid all taxes, paid on fees,

Remember, it all stays here.


The next time you sail on your sleek sailboat,

Your wind in your hair, a sea song in your throat,

Taper the glee, turn down the wild sailor’s gloat,

Remember, it all stays here.


The next time you climb into you favorite fast car,

Or the other one that can travel on one gallon so far,

Or the third that you polish and clean the least mar,

Remember it all stays here. (stanza 1-4 of 8)

– eab, 3/25/08


I prayed for *you* as I drove home yesterday. You attended one of our Bible colleges, married a girl who appeared to be careful living, & you pastored among us. Now for yrs you’ve been a-stranged from the holy way. Will you ever come back? Do you have thoughts of hell 1.) When you’re awake in the midnight? 2.) When you hear of “So-n-So’s death? 3.) When your heart is acting up? You probably can return but you must act soon!!! And – sadly, you may have to come alone. Your wife & kids may not. – 3/25/20


“If you’ve lost [the] joy,

you’ve lost God.”

– V O Agan, 10/11/94, Oelrichs, SD


Mat 11.28

“Come unto me, all ye that labor & are heavy laden,

& I will give you rest.”


Take as strong a stand against a friend/family member’s political views, philosophical ideas, or theological shallowness as you feel like. Write your social media opposition or even a book. But, in the midst of your disagreement never, Never hate them personally. Be able to pray for them, & if events should provide, pray with them. As much as you find it hard to believe maybe, Maybe they can get into heaven with some “wild” idea but, Friend we can’t make heaven with less than love in our hearts. Amen? Ouch? – 3/25/20


“If you would rather have more dollars

than more grace you’re worldly.

– J Wesley Adcock

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