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Neh 8.8 +

Neh 8.8

“So they read in the book in the law of God distinctly & gave the sense

& caused them to understand the reading.”


“God’s clock keeps perfect time.”

– E G Marsh


Mom. Teach your daughter how to cook from scratch (not just open boxes/cans). “I don’t know how myself.” Then, why don’t you & your daughter learn together? Teach your girl how to bake. Again be willing to learn with her (be willing to be embarrassed when your cake “falls” & hers doesn’t) More?

Teach the lass how to sew. A young lady who knows how to cook, bake, sew, & keep a clean house will be more equipped for marriage AND to help that marriage last for decades. She needs you to lead. – 3/25/20


“Without revival the glamour

will be substituted for the glory.”

– I Parker Maxey


HERE or THERE? (con’t from yesterday)

“Here” is the place for toys great, medium, or small,

“Here” is the arena for games of chance or of ball,

“Here” is the land for buildings spacious and tall,

‘Here” is were all the above stay.


There is, Thank God, beyond the blue clear,

Where the folly of all we’ve held so dear,

Will fully, honestly, in cheapness appear,

And life there is one grand, glorious Day.


There is a place where streets are made of gold,

A land where bodies and souls are never sold,
The hope of the holy; at the same time the bold,

The road to such serenity is called the Narrow Way.


Release your hold on fleeting toys of this short life,

Give in to God, give help to men, stop selfish strife,

Take your children, your siblings, your noble wife,

“You must be born again” & friend, you also may!

– eab, 3/25/08 [stanzas 5-8 of 8]


Dad. Teach your son a skill with which he can earn a living. If you can build, teach him how. If you’re a mechanic teach “junior” what you know. If you’re a farmer/rancher please pass your knowledge of plants & animals on to him. “I do *x* & I hate my job.” I’m sorry – those are not idle words – I feel sorry for anyone who hates their work. Allow me (I know not who may need this) to encourage you to look for & find a job you like. This may sound ideal. It is not. “For with God nothing shall be impossible”(Luk 1.37). -3/25/20


“What India most needs is not Christianity

but Christians.”

– J H Barrows, Dr., Presbyterian minister


Tit 2.4

“That they may teach the young women to be sober,

to love their husbands, to love their children”


“There is no body of literature in the world which enjoys

such a wealth of good textual attestation as the New Testament.”

– F F Bruce


Why are many people enthralled with hollywood/disney movies? (Why do you watch them?) They – if innocent – are similar to 6th grade plays. But O, hear it Friend, they’re anything but innocent. The majority (if not 100%) of the producers are sinners & work for satan. If you believe movies are produced for your entertainment you’re naïve. Or just for money you’re still naïve. Wicked men working with satan, have an agenda. Ultimately it is the damnation of you & your family. Please, be done with anything from hollywood/disney: movie, cartoons, clothing, party decorations, memes, jokes, etc. – 3/26/20

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