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Est 4.14 +

Est 4.14c

“…Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom

 for such a time as this?”


Has satan convinced you that heaven has a “discount gate”? Did heaven “cost” granny “X” or pastor “Y” all their worldliness but you’re going to get in with your pet sins? Please, Friend, STOP such nonsense. God does NOT have what we used-to-call a “bargain basement.” The very thing you’re insisting you “can’t give up” maybe exactly what He’ll require. The Father knows that you can, Yes, CAN give it up. You must die out to self. – 3/25/20


“If any man love God with all his heart, soul, mind & strength,

the love of the world will have no place in his affections.”

– R G Flexon



The little hamlet caps the hill

And drips into the vales below.

The parting of the farmer’s lands,

The joining of the merchant’s hands,

And down the track a mile or so

The brick plant stands.


The homes of Civil War stand, still,

Along the maple-shaded streets.

The village square is seen to hold,

The General Phil and steed in mold,

Then east on the hill brow one meets

The school place, old.


The worn street bricks, years from the mill,

Blend with the ancient stepping-stones.

Now south a bit, the land is cut,

With rails and timbers, one big rut;

And add to this the church bell tones,

As steeples jut.


These pleasant scenes my mind did fill

(Though miles and years their distance prove)

On living a peculiar day,

Much like those spent in school in May,

In blest Ohio, state I love,

And village far away.

– eab, 3/27/69


When is the last time you read to your child? A small book at a sitting or perhaps a chapter tonight, another tomorrow night? “I don’t read well.” Let me encourage you to try. Johnny/Susie will forgive your mispronunciation (may not even notice) & generally speaking the more you read aloud the better you’ll do it. Children need to understand that books *store stories* waiting to break from mere pages & live in their minds. Be very careful what you read to them. *Please pre-read every book – some supposed “good” books may have words you don’t want your child to hear. – 3/25/20


“Christians never meet for the last time.”

– V O Agan, Nov 1994


Mat 9.38

“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest,

that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.”


Are you praying “…The Lord of the harvest that he would send forth laborers into his harvest”(Luk 10.2b)? Are you, am I, praying this v.e.r.y. Scriptural prayer? Praise God, if you are. If we aren’t it may be we don’t see/understand the seriousness of an earlier part of the verse, “The harvest truly is great.” Amen? Ouch? If we pray this often enough & earnestly enough, God may allow one of our children to labor in His harvest field (or for some of us) it might be a grandchild. Please Pray. – 3/27/20


“The shortest route to a backslider’s grave

is to fail to be godlike & forgive.

– T M Anderson

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