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Est 4.16 +

Est 4.16b

“…So will I go in unto the king, which is not according to the law:

& if I perish, I perish.”


“It is a book that has a marvelous self-authenticating power…Millions of people…will go singing to the stake or exulting to the lion’s den, rather than give up the precious doctrines learned.”

– Henry Warren, ME bishop


Allow your brother (physical or spiritual) to have his opinion. Technically, of course, you can’t stop him. So, “allow” here is primarily to permit it in your mind so that it is not a constant “bone-of-contention” between you. In all truthfulness, the difference may not be that important (if it is not in the Bible) & God (seeing your side, his side [& dare I say it] the right side, may be tolerating you both. J – 3/28/20


“…The less good man is,

the less good the gods he prefers.”

– Henry Warren, ME bishop


Holiness or hell

“Holiness or hell” made some bristle.

Not preaching it, let some men “whistle.”

But oh, if we’re not holy at death,

If carnal, as we draw our last breath,

Hell will be real: fire, sulfur, “sizzle.”

– eab, 3/27/15        


Dad/Mom – you have the privilege (by God’s wonderful grace) of making your home an ante-room to heaven. Not in golden streets or angelic sounds but in an atmosphere of Love, Joy, Peace etc. But you’ll have to strive for such; satan will fight you. He, wicked spirit that he is, wants your home to be an introduction to hell; don’t let that happen. – 3/28/20


“…The Roman system encouraged [senses] with its appeal to formulas, rituals, architecture, artwork,vestments, mystical sounds, candles…”

– John A Bjorlik


Mat 22.37

“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart

& with all thy soul & with all thy mind.”


“Whereas once the church believed in, spoke of, & practiced the cure of souls,

it has shifted its faith to a secular cure of minds.”

– Bobgans & Mahan


Please, funeral minister – do not try to preach the deceased into heaven. First place – you can’t (we all know this, stop trying). Second place – the family knew him/her a lot better than you did & may consider you a liar. Thirdly – You are hurting the Kingdom of heaven. If anyone thinks they can have carnal fits, or manifest pride, or be as jealous as the dead, they may go to hell & it be partly your fault.

Speak of Christ & of forgiveness to the Living. – 3/28/20

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