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Rom 6.23 +

Rom 6.23

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God

 is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”


“Moloch & Rephen are planetary divinities, member of the ‘host of heaven’

…kaiwan is an Assyrian name for the planet Saturn…”

– F F Bruse


Christians pray. How do you pray? About what do you pray? For whom do you pray? When do you pray?

And – it is not all in how long we pray – but is your prayer time on the increase or the decrease? That, friend, is terribly important. One more question – Do you go Readily to your prayer closet & do you leave it Reluctantly? – 4/15/20


“…The average preacher seems to know more about sin than about holiness.”

– Andrew W Blackwood



Thank God for friends of stature & worth

Who still meander hills & vales of earth.

But thank Him also for those on heaven’s shore

– – – They’re getting to be more & more. *

– 4/14/20   * Penned after hearing of the passing of James Fulton.


If you told me “some things” you’d be gossiping. Even if you told your wife (or husband) “some things” it would be gossip. But – hear it – you can tell God anything & I mean, ANY thing. (I’ve mentioned names to God in prayer that if “x” or “y” knew I’d prayed for them, they might be angry at me.) – 4/15/20


“…The English Bible…the noblest literature known to mankind…the supreme classic, in poem & parable, in prophecy & in proverb, in history & in law, in morals & in philosophy…”

– Henry W Warren


Luk 4.8

“…It is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God

& him only shalt thou serve.”


Start noticing all the places, all the signs, company logos, & ads which feature the sun. Once you begin you will see more. It is being placed before us often. (I looked at this months ago, it’s huge.) Are we living among sun worshippers? It is more possible than some of you think. Christ, the SON, is the center for Christians – we worship Him. You can’t be worship the sun & the SON at the same time. – 4/15/20


“The Bible is full of the strongest expressions ever written.”

– Henry W Warren

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