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Rom 10.10 +

Rom 10.10

“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness;

& with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”


“The sanctification of the Church means its separation

from all that is unholy, from sin.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer


Today is a perfect day to remember that Jesus arose from the dead. We have this remembrance privilege once a week. Both revolutionist France & communist Russia experimented with weeks that weren’t 7 days – both experiments failed. God made the week (Gen 1). He had the Jews revere the 7th day. Christ could’ve easily arranged to come back from the dead on the sabbath. He didn’t. He chose a new day. It’s the Lord’s Day (not sunday). It is a day that specifically belongs to Him. Pity souls who only celebrate His resurrection once a year – we get to remember & rejoice over it every week. – 4/19/20


“A Christian us to be prepared, constantly,

to express the gospel of peace.”

– Andrew W Blackwood



Many a man has had small sway,

Geographically bound, his-life-long-day;

So – the world – what did he give ’m?

He wrote a poem or book, that out-lived ’m.

– eab, 4/5/09


As shown in yesterday’s post I fully believe in God’s people dressing/acting/looking different from the world. But, please, Sir/Ma’am do not rely on separation being your “ticket” to heaven. Do you have a heart that is pure? You can dress like you belong in the 40s but have “2020 carnality” in your chest. You can abstain from outward evil & have pornography “playing” in your mind. Please do be modest & act like a Christian on the outside, but Be Real also on the inside. – 4/19/20


“He loves God with all his heart who loves nothing in comparison to him

& nothing but in reference to him…”

– Adam Clarke


Mat 12.30

“He that is not with me is against me &

he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”


What if you’re still alive when the antichrist is revealed (2Th 2.3)? “I won’t be, preacher, I’ll be out of here!” I recognize many believe this but – – – What If you’re here? Will you stand for the True Christ or (horrid thought) give in to the false christ? Will peer pressure, economic pressure (if you can’t “buy or sell”) or church pressure, cause you to cave? Yes, you read that right, “church pressure.” The devil tried to get Christ to worship him – He didn’t. The devil may try to get you to worship him – he’s the power behind the antichrist. In the end we will all stand with Christ or with the antichrist. – 4/19/20


“He loves God with all his mind…who studies neither art nor science

but as far as necessary for the service of God…”

– Adam Clarke

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