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Rom 10.17 +

Rom 10.17

“So then faith cometh by hearing

& hearing by the word of God.”


“…The Bible makes the largest demands for reverence & obedience. It teems with doctrines extremely distasteful to the natural heart, denounces things men love, & humiliates man’s pride to a degree attempted by no other book.”

– Henry W Warren


I agree with your right to own guns. Nor do I care how many you have. I can’t urge you strongly enough to not kill anybody – I mean Any Body. I agree with your right to protest unjust laws but urge you to not destroy a neighbor’s property nor government’s. When you’re right with God, & they kill you, you go to heaven. If you kill one of them (they very possible are sinners) he goes hell. You never want it on your conscience that you sent a soul to suffer forever in damnation. – 4/17/20


“By his itinerant gosplers reading & teaching the word in English he [Wycliffe] called language out of chaos into order & permanence.”

– Henry W Warren


good neighbor

Being a good neighbor

May take love and labor;

But deeds done and gifts given

Do not open the gate to heaven;

Confession/Belief only, bring God’s favor.

eab, 4/22/11


You may have seen an ad, “Not your dad’s Buick.” Is it saying same name, but better? There are people about whom it could be said, “Not your dad’s Salvation.” But sadly, it’s not as good. Dad had Joy with his – many moderns have hand-clapping, foot-tapping, “glamorous” singing but the Joy of a deep, committed walk with God is missing. Dad appreciated sermons against sin & carnality – many moderns hear “warm-fuzzies” mixed with a lot of humor & illustrated from the pastor’s interest: sports. Not your dad’s Salvation. – 4/20/20


“We are living in an age when people are strangling,

smothering, twisting, warping, & murdering their conscience.”

– U E Harding


Psa 51.12

“Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation;

& uphold me with thy free spirit.”


There are homes in “ye old country” so well-built (3-4 centuries ago), they’ve housed generation after generation. Building stays, occupants die. I can appreciate such solid structures. Here’s a better story. There are mansions in Heaven which are 1000s of yrs old. They are more solid, and – – – are still inhabited by the same saint. Saints don’t die in that fair land! O, Friend, is your name on a mansion up there? – Apr 2020


“School & church are outgrowth

of the teaching & temple of the home.”

– S D Herron

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