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1Co 2.2 +

1Co 2.2

“For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ

& him crucified.”


“God reached across the boundaries of nationalities & religions &

took a little Moabite girl & brought her over into the lineage of Jesus Christ.”

– Steve D Herron


How are you doing? is a common “greeting” almost all people mean physically. Allow me to ask, How are you doing Spiritually? (You might not want to tell me the truth but, I remind you, God already knows.) Have you known better days in your soul? When you pray can you honestly look heavenward & say, “I love you, Lord”? If not, do you want to be where you can? Find a praying place; this is not always easy but get one (if you must create it) & be 100% open with God. He loves you & can help you. – 4/30/20


“There is no such thing as company in hell, for this is a night of loneliness.”

– Steve D Herron


God “Paints” with Light

God made solid forms – they appear left and right

Hill, mountain, stone, rocks, shrub and tree

Then he splashes them with varied light

Till same-ish-ness is lost in variety.


He made more mobile forms – apparent to sight

Waves which roam the sea, clouds the sky

Different they look today than last night

Light glances on low tide or up on high.


On his firm forms He “paints” – with brushes slight

They are light or dark at His supreme will

And sea or sky look dull or quit bright

By the light, His light He allows to “spill.”

– eab, 5/5/10


You can’t pastor the biggest church in town, or have the sharpest little school, or the best mission org. this side the Mississippi (E. or W.) or have had the largest percentage growth of any church in the conference without satan coming around to “congratulate” you. He may speak through well-meaning but carnal friends, he may show up as a business owner bragging on you, or “speak” in the gray-matter of your mind. Recognize his voice (the Lord doesn’t feed pride) & reject the devil. You did? Great. You didn’t sin. But satan will come around again – perhaps in a new form. Friend, guard against pride. It stinks and – – – if anything, religious pride stinks worst. 5/4/20


Warning – Long post “Starting with the 1st frame of a ‘biblical’ movie & ending with the last & every frame in between additions & subtractions from Scripture fill the screen…viewers now have scenes in their minds that they believe are scriptural…viewers now have scenes in their minds that they believe are scriptural. Even worse, how sad for the millions of lost souls whose only ‘biblical insights’ have come from a Hollywood production of God’s Word.”

– T A McMahon – holds a Master’s degree in communications


Pro 6.16-17a

“These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

“A proud look…”


I hope you were raised under a monarchy – dad as king of the home, mom as his one/only, highly respected queen & you children as subjects. If you were, though it may not have been perfect (show me a 100% perfect home, since the Fall) it was the best form of home government. “But dad wasn’t a christian.” I’m sorry. Many a geographical king was not a saint either but unless dad tried make mom do sinful things he is/was still the head, the king. If you were not raised with the man as king but married a husband who was, ask God to help you learn to do as you should. Or if your wife was raised where mom was “king” be patient with her, love her, pray for her & lead as a Godly king in your home. She may well come to like it. – 5/4/20


“…Jesus…rendered the Temple

& the priesthood obsolete.”

– T A McMahon

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