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1Co 10.31 +

1Co 10.31

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,

do all to the glory of God.”


“O give us GENUINE &

save us from VOLUNTARY humility!”

– John Fletcher


I doubt there’s a man on earth who fully understands the powerful OT prophet, Daniel (finished reading him again, recently) & the even more powerful NT prophecy, Revelation (have read It thrice in 2020). Both Books let us know the world is going to end. I’m not trying to be dramatic (we all know we’ll die if we don’t live to see the world’s end) but factual. If you are not saved – seek God today, promise to obey Him & then do so till you die. If you are Born again – seek to be made perfect in love. Your world OR The World, could end soon. – 5/9/20


“…Can there be a greater sin…than to make

the lying devil a god & the true God a liar?”

– John Fletcher


Corinthians Eleven  

How does the good Book read,

You should take serious heed!

“That was just for that town in Greece;

It’s not for me – disturbs my peace.”

– eab, 5/12/09


“ ‘X’ is so heavenly minded he’s no earthly good.” No. That is an unkind lie. The people who’ve done the earth the MOST good, without question, were those with heaven on their mind, heaven in their thoughts, & heaven even being “worked out” with their hands. – 5/13/20


“So preach that those who do not fall out with their sins

may fall out with thee.”

– Martin Luther


2Ti 4.10

“For Demas hath forsaken me,

having loved this present world & is departed…”


Backsliding is easy it seems: just stop doing “this” & “that,” be lazy, do nothing, & soon you’re completely backslidden inside, & maybe outside as well. Coming back to what you once were is Work. It’ll take all the Manhood you have dear friend, all the Womanhood you can possibly muster, to get back to where you once were with Christ. Worth the effort? Oh, yes, a 1000 times yes. – 5/14/20


“Jesus is the Word. The Bible is Words about the Word.

Theology is words about the Words about the Word.

All the time you’re getting farther from Christ.”

– Richard Wormbrandt

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