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1Co 15.55 +

1Co 15.55

“O death, where is thy sting?

O grave, where is thy victory?”


“But where formalism, worldliness & unbelief have crowded the Comforter out…they pay thousands of dollars to a quartette to perform the service which their backslidden souls refuse to render.”

– M W Knapp


A major event took place some time ago. It was important, so important that you know the date of it. In fact, you were there – though you have no memory of it. It was YOUR birth. You had zero control over it, but it started everything else you know. A second major event cometh. It is YOUR death. The actual means of dying you know not but if you’ll obey the Father, Son & Holy Spirit you can be prepared for what lies just beyond death’s door. Are you Obeying? Are you Trusting the blood of Christ? – 5/24/20


“Every man whose heart is full of the love of God is full of humility

for there is no man so humble as he whose heart is cleansed from all sin.”

– Adam Clarke



It matters not the long valley

From which your family hailed,

Nor the salty ship, on ocean lip

In which that family sailed.


It matters not about their grub

Rhubarb or roastin’ ears,

Nor if their shack, was by an old track

In Greek-Roman suburb.


It matters not if long they stood

By slowly sifting sands,

Nor if their soul, was close to a “pole”

In frozen, far, white lands.


Were they “bad” warriors (I hope not)

Who have shed angry blood?

Were they worshipper (not much better)

Whose sword raised a small flood?


Were they farmers who knew the smell

Of soil newly turned?

Or bakers whose bread, the hungry fed,

Light brown, but never burned.


Did they know an ancient wisdom:

Parables and proverb?

Or did they just spurn, such light to learn,

Adjective, noun or verb.


Did your family? – ah, there’s no lack.


None mattering, not a single thing,

If they missed salvation.


Brag not of where your family’s been:

Valley, plain, or high slope,

If they fled or felt, the angry welt

Of gen’ral or of pope.

~ Ÿ ~Ÿ ~ Ÿ ~ Ÿ ~

Did family know here below

The Lord in His glory?

OH, if they knew, the One the Jews slew –

Tell, tell ALL their story.

– eab,   5/24/09


Some get their “highs” out of biking: part of them powered by their legs & part of them powered by “vroom-vroom.” Some getting their highs from boating: from kayaks, to sails using winds, to yachts. Others seek their happiness in a 100, no, make that 10,000 other ways but many of, most of, these ways are earth bound: air, sea, land. Friend, your soul is not earth bound. Begin, now begin, to talk to the Lord & literally find highs of happiness with which you can grow old & happily die. – 5/24/20


*Negative quote*

“The Bible is the cause of all the troubles in the church.”

– Dr. Usinger – 1 of Luther’s teachers while still with Rome


Mat 7.15

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing

but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”


Are there false prophets today? My computer thesaurus lists synonyms for “charlatan” which is what false prophets really are: impostor, fake, fraud, swindler, con, quack, counterfeit, pretender, con artist, & sham. Do you listen/watch one on radio/TV? “Come on, Bryan, I’m smarter than to pay attention to crafty guys.” I hope so, but having worked with & watched humans “foibles” & stronger, “carnality” for 70 yrs: when I was still a student & as teacher & pastor; I warn YOU are not above being deceived. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you hear what he really is saying *and what he is NOT saying* (that he should). – 5/24/20


“There is no body of literature in the world

which enjoys such a wealth of good textual attestation as the New Testament.”

– F F Bruce

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