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1Co 5.17 +

1Co 5.17

“Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:

old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”


Are you rich in TIME? Retired or semi-retired?  Let me say – as a friend – I hope you enjoy an hour now & then doing an innocent hobby, etc.  Let me say – as a minister – please don’t waste too much time on light reading or playing. Use your wealth of time to pray. Increase your prayer life – – – make it more of your day than it ever was before retiring. Spend time with Jesus.  6/4/20


“The false feeling that ‘He doesn’t lead in little things’

has kept multitudes from His counsels.”

– M W Knapp


“I don’t even want to think about hell.” I understand, it’s a horrible subject. But we need to think of the region of the damned. (We probably have one or more relatives already there.) We need to consider hell so we live carefully before God & avoid anything which will lead toward it. AND, we need to think about hell so we pray for a neighbor, relative, a work/hunting buddy who’s headed there even as you read this.- 6/4/20


“Walking with God & a holy heart

are inseparable.”

– Richard Humble



Empty, cold, decaying alone,

The “has-been,” at the cross roads;

Boards for windows, pigeons for choir,

Once place where men laid down their loads.


Once the pastor burned the pulpit;

Fire from heaven that he preached

Filled the pews and spilled beyond them

Beyond the door, others were reached.


Why such empty, hollow churches

Why the grown-up parking lot

‘Cause a people that once knew Him

Act now, as though they “knew Him not.”

– eab, June 1993


When’s the last time you heard a preacher say “Dirt, debt, & the devil”? Have you even heard this expression? Why is it not being said behind preacher’s pulpits, teacher’s desks, & around home’s table? Almost everyone (& I mean everyone) when they’re redeemed, clean up. And we’re supposedly against the devil – – – (except when we’re not). Did I skip one? You know I did. Can you guess why? 1000s of “christian” families are in debt. 100s of churches are in debt. Credit is too easy. I urge you – stop putting stuff on “plastic.” All these D’s are bad & probably more connected than any of us want to admit. – 6/5/20


“Genuine prayer is never ‘good works’ an exercise

or a pious attitude but it is always the prayer of a child to a Father.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer


1Jo 4.17

“Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment:

because as he is, so are we in this world.”


Tattoos? “None.” I’m happy you had better sense than to pay someone to color your natural skin. “One.” Sorry you have it – now stop that nonsense. And dress so to hide this sign of bondage to a society going/gone wild. “You’re too late Bryan, I’m inked all over.” Seek forgiveness from the Creator of your “year, make, & model” for messing up His image. He, if proper sought, can give you a clean soul. – 6/5/20


“…through the Holy Spirit the Leaders of the Early Christian Church

‘Out-lived the pagan, out-thought him, & out-died him.’”

– Terrot R Glover

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