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1Co 6.14 +

1Co 6.14a

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers:

for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?”


The king should not be in charge of the hospital – keep him separate from medicine.

The king shouldn’t be in charge of the school – keep him separate from education.

The king should not be in charge of the church – keep him separate from religion.

The king shouldn’t be in charge of manufacturing – keep him separate from business.

The king should protect all – – – he should rule none. – 5/28/20


“Every sanctified experience has a reverse gear in it.”

– Earl Newton (11/16/1933 – 6/5/2020)


My “travel bug” had 6 legs but it’s down now to about 3. I loved to travel: have driven in 49 states (been to AK 9 times) & 9 provinces & one territory of Canada. The Lord’s allowed me to visit in the west: Mexico (several times), Haiti, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua (taught there), Belize, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands (taught 6 times, a week of classes each time), Colombia (twice, teaching once), & pastored 3 yrs. in Canada. He allowed me to visit the east: Taiwan (preaching 1st time, teaching/preaching 2nd time) Hong Kong, China (several days). And God allowed me to visit The Netherlands (twice), Ukraine (taught 16 days, preached 8 days), Sweden, Finland (preached there) & Russia (3 times – taught twice & preached there also) – 6/2/20


“When you keep carnality in your heart,

you keep the Holy Ghost out.”

– Warren McIntire



You’re seeking something; is it on earth or far above?

Is it mere glitter & “bling” or the Divine, Eternal love?

Is it a tangible object, some slim hope in fleeting time?

Is it Faith? Oh, make it beyond earth; make it sublime.

– eab, 6/7/19


I hope you have a good relationship with your dad. If you don’t please do not wait till Father’s Day – call him today & take all the blame you can honesty take for the problem. (You may be more to blame than you’ve been willing to admit.) Make arrangements to meet & – if possible – pray together. He may have been a real jerk, or not even there, when you were growing up. You can reach out as a Believer in Christ & even forgive him, as Christ did those who’d nailed Him to the cross. Please be like Jesus. – 6/7/20


“The prophet was a kind of court preacher,

with a divine authority to say, This saith the Lord’ in regard to national & social affairs.”

– Henry W Warren


Luk 23.34

“Then said Jesus, ‘Father, forgive them;

for they know not what they do…’”


TV/movies are deceptive. That is a mild statement. (Don’t imagine it a “wild statement” – it’s not). The houses pictured are mockup. Entire streets/villages may only “exist” to make a scene & be torn down. Some of the autos (& other means of conveyance) are made-up; therefore unreal. Costumes are done to set-the-stage in the mind of the viewer but may not be historically accurate. The lover of truth should be bothered by all these lies. And the people? Their very title gives them away. They are ACTORS. They’re doing this for money. They’re major deceivers in the murky world of deception. – 6/7/20


“The characteristics of the prophets were great fearlessness in declaring the truth.”

– Henry W Warren

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