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2Co 10.12 +

2Co 10.12

“…they measuring themselves by themselves &

comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”


Admittedly there have been families with sour relationships – I never doubted the love of my dad & mom. I’ve been blessed to have a loving, faithful wife, children who love us, grandkids who love. Praise the Lord. But the greatest relationship I’ve known on earth is really “out of this world.” God arranged (all His idea) that I, a poor, Ohio, country boy could have a relationship with Him. I even get to call Him “Father.” Isn’t that wonderful? Even if you’ve bad parents or have had a terrible marriage, or a child who’s treated you like dirt – – – you, yes You, can come, confess, & call God “Father” also. Come. – 6/5/20


“The New Testament has no meaning

if Jesus is anything less than a Savior.”

– Samuel Chadwick


Back when ships were The Way to cross the Atlantic a poor man from the British Isles (I’m feeling free to tell story in my words/modification) had worked & worked to finally buy a one-way passage to America. After he’d bought his cherished ticket he had enough left to buy a tin (or so) of saltine crackers & a hunk of cheese – enough he hoped to eat on until he reached this shore. When others went to the mess-hall he went to his room for crackers & cheese. Days into the crossing someone told him he could come to the mess-hall – the food there was included in his ticket price. Friend, I hope you are enjoying your salvation as you proceed to heaven. There’s joy now to go to heaven & then we’ll have unlimited joy forevermore. – 6/8/20


“‘Your Heavenly Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask Him.’

The point of asking is that you may get to know God better.”

– Oswald Chambers



A little holiness chapel here,

A larger holiness church there

But in between the country is bare.

A small fire in that steeple house

A slight glow comes from this

Between are souls who know no holy bliss,


– eab June 1993


On June 4 I replanted our raised bed of Kentucky wonder beans. Before the Dickinsons arrived some were coming up. As they got out of their vehicle (6/10/20) I asked Abigail to count the beans she could see up. She came up with 17. Then I told her before they left I wanted her to count them again. She did & had a count of 23. Interesting to see God’s handiwork “jumping” up in those few hours. Life, of course, is wonderful in humans but in simple beans it’s also great to see. Only God can do this. Only God. – 6/11/20


“The success…of the unarmed & defenseless apostles & primitive preachers of Christianity

is an incontrovertible proof that the gospel is a revelation of God.”

– Adam Clarke


1Ti 6.10

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith & pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”


LONG POST. Are you seeing the term “conspiracy theorist” thrown around? A few may’ve gone too deep in theories. It’s also true some want to stay “comfortable” & not see the hand-writing-on-the-wall. Push aside, if you can, your feelings (+ or -) about a “virus” (I’ll restrict myself to “it” here) – look strictly at dollars. Somebody had to pay for 1000s of masks for employees. Somebody paid for the production, shipping, & putting in place of the “one-way” stickers on floors. Somebody pays the employee who does nothing but disinfect carts at Kroger, Wal-mart, Aldi. Somebody – – – list could continue. If you think these (& like stores) “just happened to find” extra $1000s for such, city by city, state by state – pardon me but you ARE naïve. I didn’t mention the revamping at hospitals etc. Money – BIG money changed hands. A billionaire (billionaires) has funded this attempt to change us. Who paid I don’t know. Who all WAS paid (under/over the table) I don’t know. But millions of changes were not done free. Count on it. – 6/11/20


“A state that enacts bad laws is as criminal before God

as the individual who breaks good ones.”

– Adam Clarke

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