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2Co 12.9 +

2Co 12.9

“…He said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee:

for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”


“…The central part of Pentecost is the Person

…the holy Spirit…”

– S D Herron


When a wood-worker needs to make several short pieces he’ll often use the first one (provided it was cut right) to mark the 2nd 3rd etc. rather than measure each stick. He’ll write “PAT” (short for pattern) on it & work away. A problem occurs if he lays PAT aside & uses the 2nd to mark the 3rd, 3rd to mark the 4th. Friend, Christ is our only & great PATTERN. Measure your actions, measure your attitude, measure value of life by His life & by no one else. – 6/5/20


“If God can find a hungry heart,

He can do anything with that heart.”

– Steve Hight


Because a church names something “x” is no sign it is truly “x.” The same is true for schools & colleges. The same is true for governments. Unredeemed men, trying to make money or gain control (these can be related) may be willing to lie to meet their goals. Become a critical thinker. A pig is not a pig if it’s sound is “Moo, Moo,” no matter who insists it’s a pig. – 6/11/20



Altitude and attitude are similar in sound.

Altitude may be that mere distance from the ground;

But your attitude about life, its up and its down,

Will decide your spiritual altitude in ways quite profound,

These are more similar perhaps, than they sound.

– eab, June 2000


Dear women – Will *that outfit* draw attention to your body or to God? Will people think how saintly you look or (excuse the bluntness) how sexy you’ll look. Please do not buy provocative clothing. Burn (don’t give to someone else over which to stumble) them. “But, I paid $XX.xx for it last spring.” Sorry you didn’t think clearly before you wasted such cash. Here me – this is straight-forward – better to burn an expensive outfit, than for you to burn in hell 1.) Because you were proud of your body & 2.) Because you increased the lust-level in some sinner man’s heart. – 6/12/20


“All the restlessness around us is but a manifestation of the fact

that man is seeking for rest in the places where it cannot be found.”

– George B Kulp


Heb 1.1-2a

“God, who at sundry times & in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets

“Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son…”


The wider & wider use of tattoos may be setting the stage for poor souls to accept the right-hand or forehead Mark of the Beast. “Bah, Bryan – it’s just ink.” Allow me to ask you to rethink that. This is my 77th summer & I’ve never, hear it, never seen so many tattoos. Time was when it was almost always an sailor or soldier with an occasional word/symbol. Now men & women are showing tattoos some even trying to profess Christ yet being inked. I’m not saying the Mark of the Beast will be a tattoo – I am saying the acceptance of such body marking may lead up to it. – 6/12/20


“Salvation is the foundation of holiness of heart.”

– Steve Malone

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