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Eph 2.8 +

Eph 2.8

“For by grace are ye saved through faith;

& that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:”


“…Pride is the very essence of sin…”

– Adam Clarke


Don’t have (or watch) TV? Good. Don’t’ listen/watch “news” on your smart phone or computer? Great. Don’t listen to left-wing “garbage” on a radio? Nice. But even so, we are “picking-up” too much of this world’s “thinking.” I urge you to back away from politics – it hasn’t saved the world thus far, nor will it! I’m not saying not to vote – I AM saying don’t trust that your vote will change the course. God can do more via holy prayer than all politicians ever have done. Amen. – 6/14/20


“Such is the nature of God that he cannot be more willing to save thee

in any future time than his is now.”

– Adam Clarke


1.) If a truth is known but what’s spoken is not true – the man’s a liar & if believed, his hearers are deceived.

2.) If truth is not known but what’s spoken is *thought true* – the man is deceived & if believed, his hearers are deceived. In #1 the man is accountable to God. In # 2 the man (who was deceived may (or may not, as God sees) be held accountable. In both #1 & #2 the hearers suffer. Preacher/teacher never, NEVER lie “…All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire & brimstone”(Rev 21.8). Preacher search for truth. Be very careful of your source. The Bible is the only source of Perfect Truth. 6/16/20



Kids scream for a multitude of reasons,

In summer, winter, fall, and other seasons.

They scream because they’re joyous,

And they scream because they’re not.

They scream when they are cold and wet,

And when they’re wet and hot.

They vibrate their vocal cords

When by themselves, or in huge hordes,

And scream because they’re slightly “mad”

Or when chased by their playful dad.

But whatever the reason, or season,

Kids will go on screaming.

Giving the world of ours

A little more depth of meaning.

– eab, June 1973


“Science” has opposed Scripture for centuries. One example only now: science “in its wisdom” said the moon merely reflects light from the sun. This made the sun “important” helping strengthen “sun worship” (which is far from dead). Scripture says the moon is a Light “…two great lights…”(Gen 1.16). Go to the end of time “…moon shall not give her light…”(Mat 24.29). “Well, Bryan, you need to understand a reflector gives ‘light.’” A “light” is not a reflector (nor is a reflector “light”). Why not take the Bible literally? If your state requires a tail light on a car, an officer may not be happy that you only have a reflector. – 6/16/20


“All that Calvary provided for us,

judgment will require from us.”

– Millard  Downing


Eze 32.7

“…I will cover the heaven & make the stars thereof dark;

I will cover the sun with a cloud & the moon shall not give her light.”


If you pastor a church, teach a Sun. Sch. class of older students/adults, or do evangelism please search what the NT teaches about hell & begin A-NEW to emphasis this place of punishment. It. Is. Real. If our preachers / teachers are silent about it, some who listen may go there because the pulpit is silent. “But it’s an unpleasant subject.” I understand & concur. Better to make a congregation uncomfortable for a while so they repent, as to be quite & some of the them end up there. – 6/16/20


“Keep the romance alive; I’ve never had to take the credentials

from a man who stayed in love with his wife.”

– Elbert Dodd

[1] We had an enjoyable summer in our little cottage on Goodbread St., Nevada, OH. Little lot had pear tree, apple tree, 3 kinds of berries.

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