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Eph 3.20 +

Eph 3.20

“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above

all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us”


“All converted people want holiness whether they understand it or not

& they will get it somewhere if they do not backslide.”

– J B McBride


What are you reading? What are you reading that is a total waste of eyes & energy? What are you reading that you suppose neutral (or innocent) but really has subliminal messages which are harming you? What are you reading in memes, cartoons or jokes which you’ll recall to your detriment? (When a joke starts with, “A blond walks into a bar…” Stop – this is headed the wrong direction.) Conversely, are you reading the Good Book: 1chapter, 2 chapters, 3 chapters a day or more? What ARE you reading? – 6/17/20


“Mr. Milton tells us of Paradise lost in Eden, but thank God,

the Bible tells us of Paradise regained in Christ!”

– J B McBride


“Love is blind” A.) is understood by most as an exaggeration meaning a person who’s in love (or imagines he/she is) may not see a fault – glaring fault(?) – others see. If you’re single, please make sure Dad/Mom meet “Miss Wonderful”/”Mr Great Guy” at the earliest convenience. NOTE: if there’s the slightest reason you don’t want your parents to meet them – that’s a major Red Flag. Mom may be able to see weakness you don’t perceive in your girlfriend. Dad may see a flaw in your boyfriend. Listen to Momsy & Popsy. They want you ultimately happy, not just temporarily so. Listen. – 6/18/20



What good was it to be a “popular Joe”

When ghastly death, life’s final, unfriendly foe

Gives you that nasty, odd nod, and you most go?


Did popularity keep death far away?

Was it so fair it kept death at distant bay?

Did fame make death late, for even one more day?


The well-known die as do many unknown

The grim reaper comes for every seed that’s sown

He, the product of sin, claims each as his own.


Death knows the address of the rich and the poor

Knows each cell phone number, each palatial door

Finds its victims on the first or the fifth floor


Preparation for death is not fleeting fame

Nor to have acquired a saucy house-hold name

Nor to have piled up gold, silver (all the same)


One has suffered death for all, poor and well-to-do

Christ is your only hope when death comes soon, for you

Christ is all you’ll need when death’s door you pass through. – eab 6/18/08


“Love is blind” B.) Let’s look at the flip side. Your husband has passed away long enough ago that you might consider dating. Or, it’s been long enough since your wife died that you’ve allowed yourself to consider taking a date to supper. Should your kids (married or unmarried), should your friend’s children meet this person & later (in private) let you know what they think? I believe so. Just as parents can see, a child may see a fault to which you’re “blind.” (It’s possible one child will be negative because they miss the original parent but pray for wisdom to see this for what it is.) – 6/18/20


“…Wealth lessens rather than increases human happiness.

Millionaires who laugh are rare.”

– Andrew Carnegie


Pro 22.7

“The rich ruleth over the poor,

& the borrower is servant to the lender.”


Are you saving some money or do you spend every dollar you get? You should give God at least 10% of your wages, you should lay aside another 10% (even 5%) for a savings. “But, Bryan, I need every dime I get.” You may – but if 100% honest, you may see you’re spending too much on A.C., too much on eating out, too much on clothing, etc. Learn to be stingy with money. Learn to put nothing on a credit card you can’t pay-off next month. Learn the satisfaction of paying cash – no interest, no late fees. – 6/18/20


“Nothing puts a man so far

from the devil’s reach as humility.”

– Jonathan Edwards

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