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Eph 3.21 +

Eph 3.21

“Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages,

world without end. Amen.”


“If one lives this beautiful life it will mean closed lips on many occasions, for one cannot indulge in light & frivolous conversations & keep the presence of the unseen Christ.”

– J B McBride


A good child-dad relationship can make it easier for souls to develop a great child – God relationship. Don’t believe for a moment that radio, then movies, that made “dad look bad” were by accident. – 6/7/20


“The Christ-spirit is an unselfish spirit;

the world-spirit is a selfish spirit.”

– J B McBride


A reminder from “school days” When a teacher used True & False questions on a test a hope he/she said, “If any part of the question is false – it is all false.” The same, BTW, is true for a church or a cult. Do not just “look for” stuff with which you agree (“That doesn’t sound that bad” or “I think I agree with this”). Look at all their doctrinal statements! If one major tenet is false run from the whole cult. – 6/22/20



E – Ever & ever & ever.

T – Terminating never.

E – Both “E” ends are unknown.

R – Reaping what was here sown.

N – Night of all nights or lit Day.

I – Immensity in everyway.

T – Take time to now prepare.

Y – You & I will soon be there.

– eab, 6/22/20


Everything you need to know to be saved is in the Bible. Many modern ideas, ideals, & theories are not found in the Holy Bible, therefore you need not worry about them (either totally ignore them or easily place them among the non-essentials of life). Read & Heed the Bible – TODAY. – 6/22/20


“When you refuse to let the Holy Ghost sanctify you, you are telling Him that you do not want Him,

that you do not need His help. You can get along very well without Him.”

– Warren     McIntire


Pro 22.6

“Train up a child in the way he should go:

& when he is old, he will not depart from it.”


Learning to read is good – provided the right words are read. Often among a child’s earliest words to read is “d-o-g.” The word “G-o-d” is just as easy to spell, just as easy to read, & is infinitely, Hear It, infinitely more important. A teacher (parent or one hired to teach) who has little-to-no interest in spiritual things is likely to use “d-o-g.” A godly teacher wants the child to learn about “G-o-d.” Reading can be great but reading the right words & learning the correct concepts is extremely greater. – 6/22/20


“Comparatively few people are out-and-out Christians.”

– Roy S  Nicholson

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