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Job 28.28 +

Job 28.28

“And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom

& to depart from evil is understanding.”


When you, Yes you, make up your mind to believe something; When you purposely ferret out all doubt, When you’ve convinced yourself 100%, there’s no one who can change you. Even when you insist that Green is Brown, Up is Down, that Good is Bad, when its obvious to your right-believing-friends that you’re wrong, you can still believe what you will. PLEASE, Oh, deceived friend don’t reach such a point. Read your Bible. Ask God to enlighten you. Beg Him to restore your Sight & good sense. There’s hope but, frankly, it’s a slim hope unless you purposely leave the lying paths. – 7/29/20


“There is a God-shaped blank within each one of us.”

– H G Wells, quoted by Leonard Ravenhill


Ma’am, if you’re married & you’re not married to your BEST friend, I feel sorry for your husband. No, you may not be able to discuss baking or clothes with him but you can discuss the important things of live. Sir, if you’re married & you’re not married to your BEST friend, I feel sorry for your wife. You may not want to discuss hunting tips with her or the best brand of wheat seed but you can share the important stuff. -7/30/20


“God does not want partnership with us but ownership of us.”

– Leonard Ravenhill



Time is sliced into various divisions;

Each has it use, by man’s reasons.

Nanosecond, second, minute, hour,

Hold time in its swift fleeting power

“Tardes” PM, night, AM, noon,

Come once a day, passing away soon.

A week seems long at its starting peak,

Tumbles across time, disappears as weak.

A month – who could ask for anything more?

Vacation’s soon gone – back to the store.

Months are grouped and make a stack

Called a year – what a giant sack.

Then years find themselves in a fade

Tied together in a progressing decade.

Ten years is (again) a time beginning long

Ending it seems, as a passing song.

Fifty years, imagine, wedding-to-now

“Not so long.” Celebrants would allow.

Most have no memory a century in length,

Few have such body/mind strength,

But time stops not at the century mark,

Ten centuries, a millennium, bright or stark.

And only six millennia or so

Takes us back to Adam’s “bite” of woe.

And then, resting our toes on the brink

Of eternity (b-e-f-o-r-e), What do you think?

Forever stretching backward, beyond that first day,

Eternity is a chasm that stretches way far away.

Man’s units of time, his slices so neat,

Find not place in that “land,” find not food or drink.

Time is never tangible, it’s elusive at best;

Eternity (future), dreaded or loved, is the test.

Eternity is decided by what man does within time.

Make it blessed, Friend, through Christ; make it sublime.

– eab, July 2011


Some man moves up in “said” organization because of his personality. Another gains popularity because of his speaking ability. A third man becomes well-known because he can sing. Oh, that we had more men rise to leadership because they are men with solid lives of prayer. Sinners can have “plus” personalities, can “preach,” can sing, but a man who truly prays is our need in leadership. – 7/30/20


“Holy Ghost will only honor testimony

where He is extolled higher than the testifier.”

– Ken Rice


1Co 1.21

“For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God,

it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.”


Preaching is not a little part of the Holiness church – It. Is. Central. Hymn singing has its place – can lend to a worshipful atmosphere. A sincere testimony (not Miss Dry, not Mr Dusty) also is fine. And, of course, praying in the Spirit – oh, how welcome the prayers of saintswho can “pull heaven & earth” together. But, ah, the preached Word. Properly prayed over, properly prepared, & properly presented – that, friend is central, that defines the Holiness church. – 7/31/20


“Holiness seed never rots.

Plant it and it will grow.”

– Buddy  Robinson

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Job 27.8 +

Job 27.8

“For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he hath gained,

when God taketh away his soul?”


“Sanctification requires no greater degree of faith than justification.”

– J A Wood


L.O.N.G. P.O.S.T. To use “CHM” (supposedly “Conservative Holiness Movement”) whether in positive or a negative connections, is (IMO) to accept a possible misnomer. [Allow me to work backward.]

3.) “Movement” – hardly describes some churches/camps/schools/conferences I’ve seen. They seem too much at a stand-still, an unholy, dare I say lazy, stand-still. Oh, that God would send a fresh move of conviction for sin & sin be abandoned forever. Oh, that there might be a new awakening, a deep desire for holy power. Please Lord, we need Your move, again.

2.) “Holiness” – if we don’t see a revival of preachers dedicated to living & preaching clear holiness, we’re in trouble. Men are (I fear) paying lip service to holiness i.e. mentioning it as a point (even a sub-point) in a message but preaching too few entire sermons on the “wonder” of It (for mere mortals), the “way” to It (how holiness is to be obtained), the “workings” of It (the practical revelations in daily living). And too few (“O God help me”) are the demonstrations of holiness in life & lip, in church & out.

1.) “Conservative” – There are 3 problems (at least) with this “title” A.) This word is totally un-Biblical. “Liberal” by contrast, is used by the Wise man (Pro 11.25), the Prophet Isaiah (32.5&8), & Bro. Paul (2Co 9.13). B.) “Conservative” appears to have been borrowed from politics – there its use seems warranted. But we’re too willing to blur the line between church & state. C.) The most troubling is, it gives the impression of another “holiness.” Churches who no longer emphasis holy living still wish (it seems) to be considered holiness. When the holy life leaves, the Blessed Holy Spirit leaves. – 7/29/20


“Seeking the applause of men cherishes & gratifies human depravity

at the expense of divine displeasure. It is gross idolatry.”

– J A Wood






Sinful men in their sick and slinking ways

Can, by Christ, be Calvary-raised;

To praise God – Oh, God be praised,

And finish out their earth-bound days

Living in the Son’s and Spirit’s rays.

– eab, 7/27/10


A Christian, living heartily for the Lord, may sooner or later offend a sinner or hypocrite (“sinner in disguise”). This cannot be helped – and – this “offense” may be used to ridicule that Christian, persecute him, even cut off his head/burn him alive. HEAR This. A professing “christian” may intentionally offend someone. But a true Christian never offends people just to offend. Love does not do that. – 7/30/20


“Fear is the darkroom in which negatives are developed.”

– seen on marquee (have no idea when/where)


1Ti 5.22

“Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins:

keep thyself pure.”


Please do not be fooled by some “cloud” formation (or several of them) which some want you to think “looks like” Jesus. We’ve had too many pictures of “Christ,” too many statues of “Christ.” Friend – these are all fake. FAKE. No one, but no one, knows what Jesus looked like – not one painter, sculptor or photographer has a clue what of our Lord’s appearance. But this “image of him” (Not the real HIM) may be shown more & more, as men perfect their deceiving holograms. Beware. – 7/30/20


“Every one who can preach the truth & does not preach it

incurs the judgment of God.”

– Justin Martyr

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Job 23.10 +

Job 23.10

“But he knoweth the way that I take:

when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”


There’s no question many of us talk too much about things of small importance (& conversely, speak to little items of eternal worth). Some pride themselves in knowing most recent scores in a popular sport, or batting averages of an above-average-player, or the number of “horses” under the hood of So-n-So’s car. It would be better to say less than talk so much. It would be better to converse about things of Eternal value than “waste breath” summer after summer on that which neither heaven nor hell cares a whiff. – 7/26/20


“One of the first qualifications of a great Christian is tolerance

– – – tolerance of the other person.”

– John Paul (a holiness preacher of last century, “Paul” is his last name)


One Book & one Book alone is worth living by – – – & dying for: God’s Holy Bible. It is no wonder that satan has tried to destroy It, has forbid the reading of It,  & has driven his pseudo-scholars to produce a plethora of counterfeits of It. The enemy of God, who is also your enemy, doesn’t want you to read God’s Bible. God does. So Who are you going to please? – 7/29/20


“It is heart purity the Apostle is talking about when he says, ‘The very God of peace sanctify you wholly’ & this word is in a tense that does not mean a gradual process.”

– John Paul



Some men were born “with

A silver spoon in their mouth.”

Least that’s how the expression goes.

Others came with the right last name –

That always effects *how* live flows.

Others (if they have a name)

Somewhat make their own.

Oats? They got what was sown.

But silver or not, name or no

These only count here below;

For at the White Bar of the High Lord

We’re judged by OUR action, OUR word.

– eab, 7/29/17


As you push your chair back under the table or maybe before, do you say, “Thanks Babe, for the breakfast”? After your husband puts those drops of oil, or tightens that screw or hangs that “do-dad” do you thank him? She fixed the meal for you; he did that chore for you. Be grateful – in fact, develop (& increase) the habit of saying “Thanks.” And (probably more connected than we think) be so happy with what God’s doing in your life, family, group of believers, that you’re often saying “Thank you” to Him. 7/29/20


“We have difference of opinion but

don’t ever take the matter of unity lightly.”

– James Plank


Psa 100.4

“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving & into his courts with praise:

be thankful unto him & bless his name.


Allow me to encourage you to read the King James Bible but one without notes. When you read a Bible with notes it’s natural (& what the printers intended) that your eyes drop down the page with or without * F (or other printer’s symbol) & read the footnote. You finish reading your Bible & later think about a word/phrase & know you read it in the Bible – Yes, but, was it on the top of page or the bottom of it? Was it the Word of God or the word of man? A Bible with study-notes can actually be worse for your soul. -7/29/20


“You’ll be someone,


for eternity.”

– Winfield Poe

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Job 23.3 +

Job 23.3

“Oh that I knew where I might find him!

That I might come even to his seat!”


“A false concept of grace will be used by the antichrist.”

– Donald Winter


You’re only going to die once. Make sure (by God’s grace) you’re ready for it. We’ve all read of some hero’s death – sadly, we’ve been trained to see some as “heroes” who weren’t. Your death may not seem heroic to others (or even to you) however, have no false ideas – if you die & are immediately ushered to heaven, you’ve died the perfect death for you! – 7/26/20


“Temperance is the management of the allowed.”

– Donald Winter


Heaven (Strictly IMO) may be pictured as a huge, living, bouquet of “flowers” – the many & varied peoples of earth, now redeemed & with God for ever. God allowed Noah & sons to repopulate a cleaned-up earth. Some descends became darker skinned, some lighter, other hue shades either way. God also allowed facial & form features to move toward this or that. A man/woman was born, lived all their life as “x” variety – why would God want to drop the peculiarity which was them. I imagine we’ll enjoy the great variation of our brothers & sister for all eternity.



Some translations are like libel

To the one, true King’s English Bible

Their presence seems so scholastic,

But they are paraphrases, mere plastic;

As false, as they are narrowly tribal.

– eab, 7/28/11


How selective are you in the preacher you support (attend his service, give him money, post his pic on fb)? Let’s say tonight you realize you’re dying – would you want the man whose sermon you posted or whose quote you thought “cute” to be the last man to pray with you? Seriously? He may have on jewelry, may have someone else’s wife, may speak in tongues, may have invested in a get-rich-scheme & you want him to pray the last prayer over you? “Don’t judge, Bryan.” Some people will be in heaven who didn’t have the light you have but – with *Your Light* – some of you could do better in who you support. – 7/28/20


“To do so no more is the truest repentance”

– Martin Luther


1Ti 3.2

“A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant,

sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach”


Feeling overwhelmed by home schooling? Don’t. Look to Jesus & remember one(1) thing:

The most important earthly thing you can teach a child is how to Read. Children are naturally inquisitive. Once a child can read & has a wholesome, Christ-trained, curiosity the “sky’s the limit” of what he can learn. – 7/28/20


“…Where the Holy Ghost dwelleth,

He will not suffer a man to be idle.”

– Martin Luther

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Job 19.26 +

Job 19.26

“And though after my skin worms destroy this body,

yet in my flesh shall I see God!”


Too many christians, even holiness people, are acquainted with a shooting range. But haven’t been on God’s *Shouting* Range in months? Years? Personal question . . . . . Ready? When’s the last time you shouted in church? Yes, I mean you. “Well, Bryan, I’m not the shouting kind.” Did you shout at your son’s “pickup” ball game? Did you? “Please desist. Some shout in church but not at home.” OK. Let me ask – – – Do you shout at home? – 7/26/20


“I like the old Wesleyan term — a bent to sin.—There are people in the churches

 all over this country who have been bent over by depravity.”

– Warren McIntire


WARNING – this is serious. Please heed. If you’ve started attending (worse, leading) a “church” which does not name worldliness (drinking, adultery, shorts etc.) yet wants to sense “God’s blessing” as holy churches have from time to time, WISE UP. The devil may (as an “angel of light”) send you a “warm feeling” allow you “sweet presence” to fool you into thinking “all is well”. Satan is slick. He doesn’t want you to realize God has departed & may send you a substitute. Try the spirits. O, Try the spirits. – 7/27/20


“It might startle you if God would show you t difference between

what you call the best you can do & what He is expecting of you.”

– Roy S Nicholson



The Lord came down to earth that day;

His head was pillowed on Bethlehem hay;

He walked the earth, and healed, and taught

Till by the Pharisees murderously caught.

He arose, as He said that He would;

Ate; showing His glorified body could;

His feet walked to, then lifted, from Olivet

To which He hasn’t returned. – Not yet.

But He will in His Father’s perfect time!

Ah, the future with Him defines “Sublime.”

– eab, 7/27/19


I’ve met some nice women – never had one desire to be one. I’ve know some “red” men/women, “yellow” people, “black” folk – never had a desire to be one. I had a roommate (1959-60) who was 7-8 inches taller than me – didn’t make me want to be tall. I’ve met one (maybe many) wealthy guys/gals – never had a driving desire to be rich. A major force for satan is envy. He wants to make us desire to be LIKE so-n-so, or to actually take their place. Frivolous. There are many “side benefits” in being a child of God. One of those is being content. Hello!?! Anybody Home?!? – 7/27/20


“What has become of the laws repressing expensive & ostentatious ways of living?

…which put down the theatres as quickly as they arose to debauch the manners of the people.”

– Tertullian


Gen 1.27

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him;

 male & female created he them.


Are you watching more junk? Have movies from hollywood increasingly captivated you in the last year? Are you watching things you NEVER, would’ve viewed some time ago? Are you trying to make yourself believe disney doesn’t have an agenda? That they wouldn’t push sex & same-sex sex? Stop. Ask yourself “Why have I become addicted to movies?” Why are you seeking to be entertained? Now is the Christians “day” – his day to work. Heaven will be the place to relax. Stop being fascinated by props, sound effects, lighting, shallow actors & stupid stories. – 7/27/20


“…No longer observing the Sabbath, but living in observance of the Lord’s Day,

on which also our life has sprung up again by Him…”

– Ignatius

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Job 19.25 +

Job 19.25

“For I know that my redeemer liveth &

that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:”


“It is absolutely wrong to pray about something

you already know is wrong.”

– V O Agan


You may someday be faced with a choice – kill the one attacking you or be killed by him. If you’re walking in all your light you will (if killed) be with the Lord, as He promised the thief on the cross. If you kill the one attacking you (assuming he was acting in hatred) he’ll drop into hell. Think of the awesome contrast: he (if he succeeded) allows your soul, released from its “house of clay,” to rise to where all is Light, Beauty, Peace, & God is honored by beings crying Holy, Holy, Holy – if you kill him, his soul enters a “land” of outer darkness, foul odors, horror & where hatred runs rampant. – 7/23/20


“You can tell a false prophet not so much by what he preaches

as by what he doesn’t preach.”

– V O Agan


You’ve been “doing things your way” for a month, a yr, a decade. Oh, how you love doing “Just as you please.” Perhaps you do not realize it but the old man/the old woman loves to have its way – which in reality is acting as a rebel, a rebel against God & His holiness. Jesus can remove carnality. You can “die out to yourself” & become not only a Christian, but a sanctified one. Then you can do “As He pleases” & be happier than you were pleasing your own, carnal soul. – 7/24/20



He who had no beginning

Came willingly to sinful earth

And had a human beginning

The God/man had a man’s birth

Born in a palace or a castle

With a commanding view?

No. Born in a “barn”

(Though the word is too new.)

Born near clean animals

The cow, the calf, the ewe.

His Birth & Death & Rising again

Was so we could be reborn

So men could live above sin

And never again be forlorn.

– eab, 7/26/19


I can imagine some artist was over-paid to make a statute about a character who was over-rated & about whose sins we’ve been told too-little. With no doubt, some images didn’t glorify Jesus.   Having said that, authorized men (committees, elected bodies) are the ones to approve the removal of statues/images not students/youth – make that *mislead people* in anger. God’s not the author of confusion. But America has “dismissed” God from our schools, banned His Bible from the “halls of learning,” listened too much to counsel from satan & we’re seeing results. Are YOU pRaying or are you still pLaying? – 7/25/20


[under caption ‘You are God’s Property’]

“He has a right of occupancy…

He has the right of identification…”

– L D Wilcox


1Ti 6.20

“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust,

avoiding profane & vain babblings & oppositions of science falsely so called.”


There is pseudo-science. The average modern has no idea how much of “science” is false. There is tampered “history.” How much of “X” textbook was filtered through a “left” publisher? Even geography, maps, & proportions of our world aren’t to be fully trusted. The greatest falseness however, is False “salvation” – that which claims to be right & is not.Many may die with skewed ideas about “science falsely so called” (1Ti 6.20) or with corrupted history, or warped geography & still go to heaven. Run Brother RUN, from anything that smells like False salvation. RUN! 7/26/20


“Faith is choosing to believe

that God tells the truth.”

– John Whiteman

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Job 16.21 +

Job 16.21

“O that one might plead for a man with God,

as a man [pleadeth] for his neighbor!”


The American in me (I’ve driven in all the states to which you can drive & loved the huge variety of scenes) does not like what is happening to “me land.” But I love Christ, my Lord, more than I love this land, much more. I must, with His power, “Stand up, stand up for Jesus”(G. Duffield, author.) & if need be, die for HIM. The American in me must not take authority over Christ in me. – 7/21/20


“The one damning sin of which we are guilty & which makes us deserving of hell is unbelief

in God’s Son & rejection of the atonement of His Blood.”

– J B McBride


It’s normal for children to play. Many times, if the adults in his life are occupied with meaningful labor, the boy will imitate the males & the girl will play at what she sees her mom/grandma doing.  What is strikingly shameful in modernity, is the number of those who should be adults but who do not work (they play) Or they do not work at that which a child should mimic. – 7/22/20


“Every case of sickness, every death in the home is a call to the unsaved

to repent to believers to be made holy.

– J B McBride



Once they were convinced,

Believed what God said,

Believed the Bible,

Believed what they read.


How has it happened?

(This change that I see)

Has God Himself changed?

Oh! How can that be?


Or did some wild wish,

Or did a little desire,

Burning quietly,

Kindle this big fire?


His Word is eternal,

He said, “I change not.” [1]

Yet folks are not doing

As they should – as they ought.

– eab, 7/25/06


Do not ONCE consider ending your life! The devil may say “It’s the easy way out.” He’s a liar & has been since the Garden. Man up (“Woman up”). You can ask forgiveness & even if men refuse to forgive God will – if you’re sincere. Start paying back what you owe – it may take yrs but you’ll feel better as each payment is made. “I may have to go to prison.” I’m sorry, I hope you don’t, but HEAR ME, you can go to heaven from a prison. “I don’t see how I can live the next yr.” Look to Jesus – – – & live one day at a time. 7/25/20


“Whatever both philosophers & poets have said concerning the immortality of the soul or…they…received…from the prophets…hence there seem to be seeds of truth among all men.”

–   Justin, First Apology


Rev 22.14

“Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life

 & may enter in through the gates into the city.”


SERIOUS Q. – *Mom* are you raising a Lady? Or are you allowing your daughter to become a mere woman like those around her? When she weeps on your shoulder that she’s lost her virginity, it’ll too late to lengthen her skirts, talk to her about her poor choice in friends, & about the words she used when she didn’t realize you heard. There IS something to be said for lady-hood: knowing which utensil to use, being versed in etiquette, walking properly – but the heart of being a lady surely involves purity. Start young, start today. Hopefully you’re not too late. – 7/25/20


“…He whom they beheld [speaking of Christ] was not a mere phantasm,

but an actual being of flesh & blood.


[1] Mal 3.6 For I am the LORD, I change not…

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Job 14.14 +

Job 14.14

“If a man die, shall he live again?

all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.”


“Do not be discouraged; there are no hard cases with God. He will answer prayer &

save the sinner if we get in earnest & then refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer.”

– J B McBride


Stand against Sin. Opposite SIN in high places – rampant adultery/perversion in WDC, for example.

Stand up to SIN in religions: whether Catholic, Jewish, Moslem or your “brand” of Christian church.

Refuse to financially support SIN in the world of professional, collegiate, or high school sports.

Stop paying for out-of-control SIN in hollywood/disney – let their childishness bankrupt itself.

Most importantly, confess to Christ; let Him remove SIN out of your life: Now & forevermore. – 7/22/20


“One who would keep company with the King in the deeper & higher life…cannot listen to the counsel of the ungodly…much less walk in the counsel of the ungodly…”

– J B McBride


There was a time when police were the police & you didn’t HAVE to be for them OR against them. Blacks were blacks (or depending on decade “Negroes”) & you didn’t have to be “yea” or “nay.” There was a time Democrats were D’s, Republicans were R’s, & you didn’t HAVE to be vocal about either. And a time the flag was the flag & you weren’t required to be notoriously pro or con. AND YOU KNOW WHAT – – – you still don’t have to be anti any of the above or protestingling positive. Stop climbing on the band wagons “news” liars (too often) want you to. Love all, pray for all, & stop being controlled by the media. – 7/22/20


More to Come

God has revealed Himself to man,

All man can now understand.

There’s an abundance “in store,”

When man can perceive more.

– eab, 7/13/10


Just because God is not striking you dead is no sign He approves of your life-style (*strange* life-style). He created Free Moral Agency & is currently honoring His creation by allowing you to “do as you please.” Someday: tomorrow, next yr., within the decade, your life will come to an end. You will then be accountable for rejecting God’s offer of forgiveness (through Jesus Christ), for your life of rebellion. Please, sinful SOUL, seek the Lord before your time is up & Eternity starts – – – to never, EVER end. 7/24/20


“The devil will always offer you the best…

it will never get better.”

– Jacob Miller


1Jo 3.8

“He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning.

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”


Why are you on earth? Do you have a clue? A government may try to convince you, you’re here to fight for them. No! A school (or a “sch. of thought”) may try to make you believe you’re here to join them. No. etc. etc. You’re here to prepare for heaven. You belong to God – He loves you so much He wants you to “come home with Him” & stay there forever. That, dear Soul, is your only worthwhile goal. – 7/24/20


“Many who profess to be sanctified

were simply reclaimed from their backslidings.”

– Warren  McIntire

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Job 14.2 +

Job 14.2

“He [ man ] cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down:

he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not.”


Sleeves on men/women are getting shorter. “Why talk about it, Bryan?” Four reasons 1.) Shorter & shortest (some can hardly be called a sleeve) shows a move toward the world. 2.) A man who wears a tight mid-bicep sleeve may be proud of his muscles. 3.) A woman in a short sleeve may want people, excuse blunt-ness, to see how busty she is (side view of a bare arm & a dark dress accents such). 4.) Short sleeves are not dressy – never have a Classy Look. I believe strongly in being separate from the world & in not fostering pride but in addition I’ve seldom seen a person in short sleeves who looks classy, looks their best. – 7/23/20


“Hypocrites prove that godliness is profitable.

Men always counterfeit that which is valuable.”

– George B Kulp

How much time do you spend eating breakfast? How much time eating dinner? Supper? “Are you being noisy?” (Bear with me – I’m headed somewhere.) You spend a lot of time supporting your body – which BTW you will lay down someday. How much time do you spend feeding your soul? An honest answer for some would be “As little as I possibly can & still hope to make heaven.” As you age you may eat fewer meals for the flesh but please, Friend, do not partake less of His fine food – spend more time with Jesus. -7/23/20


“Powerless lives, fruitless lives are a certain result of life in which the grace of God is frustated,

the commandments of God violated, & light rejected.”

– George B Kulp


mile vs. mile

Your “mile” versus my “mile,”

The difference could make one smile.

There needed to be a standard “in feet.”

Miles and men need a standard to meet.

– eab, July 2011


At least two Scriptures suggest that we have a guardian angel(s) (Mat 18.10 & Act 12.15). If we do, I suspect one of them is “busy” recording our words (aloud & “under our breath”) our actions etc. No king or queen has ever had their life more documented than the common man has his recorded by God. Be careful what you so you can have a good account, without rebuke, in that final day. – 7/23/20


“…It is as reasonable to suppose it is the desire of all Christians to arrive at Christian Perfection

as to suppose that all sick men desire to be restored to perfect health.”

– Wm Law


Mat 18.10

“Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.”


Dad, teach your son to work, to love to work & teach him *how* work. Show him how to hold the tool & how to hold the “article” to which the tool is applied. Teach your son what to expect in his “finished” product. Don’t demand too much in his first try (sometimes dad’s aren’t known for patience L). But gradually raise the level of expectation so his product next year is much better than the first one. Never make fun of his attempts. Never say, “What are you, a girl?” Some day make him happy to say, “My dad, taught me how to do this.” – 7/23/20


“When I read aloud two senses catch the idea:

first I see what I read; second I hear & therefore I can remember it better.”

– A Lincoln

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Job 14.1 +

Job 14.1

“Man that is born of a woman is of few days,

and full of trouble.”


“The highest level of Christian holiness

that the Bible teaches is forgiveness.”

– Richard Humble


You’re a believer or a Believer. You believe secular “news” full of adultery, murder, rape, suicide, etc. OR you Believe God’s Good News full of Hope, Salvation, & True Love (both horizontal & vertical). Radio / TV / Smart phone news can leave you depressed, sad, & thinking all will end ill. God’s News has Joy, Gladness & lets you know that God is in charge – obey Him & you can go to heaven. You – you alone – decide what kind of a *believer* you are. – 7/19/20


“…The great truth that we can live above sin started the Holiness Movement

& it has to be propagated, if the Holiness Movement is to be perpetuated;”

– Andrew N Johnson


The Grand old Book is the most accurate history you’ve ever held in your hand. It’s more true than much science & It’s mathematics is useful for daily living. The Bible (Authorized Version) helped standardize the grammar & vocabulary we use today. It contains the greatest Literature on earth & has inspired many secondary literary pieces, both poetry & prose. All these are subsidiary to the Bible main value – telling us that God “so loved” us & that He invites us to come live with Him when our term on earth ends. – 7/20/20


to identify too much

To spend excessively on home, clothes or car

Is to identify too much with *where* you are.

A few years/decades these will all be gone.

But where will you be, when you’ve passed on?

– eab, 7/22/13


Is it just me or have I seen more “games” “puzzles,” in short, adult time-wasters on fb in the last several weeks? I’m also afraid that more people succumbed to watching hollywood/disney movies with who-knows-how-many subliminal messages. You had more time? Spend more time reading/memorizing the Eternal Word of God. – 7/21/20


“ ‘A conscience void of offense toward God & man’

is an inheritance for Eternity.”

– Daniel Webster


Mat 6.24

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one & love the other;

or else he will hold to the one & despise the other…”


Are you an American first & a Christian second? OR Are you a Christian first & an American second? “Well, I haven’t really thought much about it.” Sir/ma’am, it is time to settle this. “But I love both my land & my Lord.” In the human, I think I know how you feel but the Bible disallows this duality. You cannot have two same loyalties – you can’t love your country & love Christ equally. Impossible (Mat 6.24). -7/21/20


“…Keen [S.A.] said that 75% of the church members he has called upon to pray with

in their dying hour were unsaved…”

– George B Kulp

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