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Eph 5.3-4 +

Eph 5.3-4

“…Fornication & all uncleanness or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints;

“Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient: but rather giving of thanks.”

 “There is not a word of any God-called minister that is more worthy of your attention than this…

you can go too far & put off salvation until it is too late.”

– Warren  McIntire

All in heaven and – are you ready for this? – and in hell believe in the God of the Bible – To. A. Man. Earth is the only place where men/women are foolish enough to believe in (a.k.a. “worship”) a river, an animal, the sun etc. & by doing so, refuse to Worship the All Loving, Life-giving God above. – 7/1/20

 “He does not sanctify folks who are doing wrong & know that they are doing wrong.

One must have a clear experience of salvation that gives victory in the life.”

– Warren McIntire

Some people are not happy. (Some have not even made up their mind that they *want* to be happy.) And some definitely do not want YOU happy (making you unhappy makes them “happy”). Though being happy should never be your prime goal, you can be happy in spite of your circumstances. This, Friend, is possible by the power (& only by the power of the Lord). Praise His name. – 7/1/20


Second-hand, left-overs & clothes handed down

Have all been a part of your life.

Since you agreed to be,

A mate to me:

A poor teacher’s wife.

Second-hand is a thought, at which people frown,

(“Antique” is a fancy word.)

The left-overs some dread

– Our daily bread –

Others waste; how absurd!


“Hand-me-down” clothes (despised adjectives to nouns)

You have re-made by the sack.

These three things are not all,

I could recall,

The list would not slack.

Darling, you’re the best mate and mother ’round.

I’m glad you’ve married me,

And became the mother

(Like no other).

Does one, plus one, make three?

– eab, July 1973


Live so you have God’s smile & not His frown. O, I know you may blunder (not sin but blunder – learn the difference – it’s huge) but if you’re truly trying to please Him, that effort (IMO) pleases Him. Your friends, even your sibs, may mis-read your motives but God knows the deepest streams in your thinking. If there’s any Being who understands your motive it is God. – 7/1/20

“…A life of holiness, family holiness… & by conversation holiness in the world

…promote holiness in this world…”

– John Bunyan

 Mar 13.31

“Heaven and earth shall pass away:

but my words shall not pass away.”

 Do not let anything, anyone, destroy the Authority of the Holy Bible in your thinking. Not a church (or cluster thereof). Not some man-tampered “bible. Not any “societal change.” Not some puny “scientist.” The Holy Bible is the final Authority in life – will be the final Authority in death, & beyond death there comes the Judgment of all judgments, with the Authority again of God’s Book. – 7/1/20

 “Headmasters have powers at their disposal with which prime ministers

have never yet been invested.” [replace “headmaster” with homeschool parent – eab]

– Winston Churchill

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