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Eph 5.18 +

Eph 5.18

“And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess;

but be filled with the Spirit;”


“When you refuse to get sanctified that is not the end. You have insulted the third Person of the Trinity…you cannot stay saved long if you take an attitude of refusal…”

– Warren   McIntire


Many congregations have:

1.) Those who see themselves as right with God. 2.) Those who hope they are right with God.

3.) Those who know they are not right with God. 4.) Those who do not want to be right with God.

5.) Those who ARE saints. – 7/6/20


“…While you are setting some folks in their place,

the devil is pushing you down the road to hell.”

– Warren McIntire


TV allows you to be in the “presence” of your gods as you worship sports characters, hollywood chaff, or “televangelists.” They don’t know you or care a whiff about you but sadly you discuss them with peers at work (even at the back of what should be God’s House), you adore them. By wonderful contrast you CAN be in the presence of God – as you obey – God not only knows you, He knows the number of hairs on your head & loves you. Stop following this worlds very poor substitutes for the God of Heaven. – 7/6/20



P  Parented by famous parents, the great R. G.

and wife,

A And partly raised “on the field,”

missions were part of his life.

U Upon an early age Paul Finch

was sanctified holy,

L Living then at the Kingswood School

back in old Kentucky.


W  Wedding bells, college presidency,

teaching on the side,

O On to Ireland, preaching holiness

for which Jesus died.

O On to Africa, working his way

up the continent,

D Devoting prime years of life,

leading folks to commitment.


F Florida called, he answered,

teaching young “Hobites” the truth.

I Indiana, Missouri saw a man old,

yet “in youth.”

N Nestled in were the revival calls,

three to Tennessee.

C Consistent holiness his message, balanced,

Spirit free

H Heaven’s called; the prophet’s gone from us.

Let’s follow; forsooth.               – eab,  7/8/03

*Finch died 7/8/2003 – One of the 10 most influential men in my life.*


Do you have a desire to be worldly? God may allow you that wish for now. He may allow you to follow after, drool over, mimic this world for 2-3 even 5 decades. Then at death (if you’re not “doped up”) you’ll wish you’d never had such a perverted desire. The craving for the world stays here. Everyone in heaven saw it as foolish & asked God to take it out of their hearts. Everyone in hell now sees how deceived they were. Friend, I beg you, get alone with God & “die out to this world” & all that looks like it. – 7/7/20


“You [Formalist & Hypocrisy] come in by yourselves without his direction

& shall go out by yourselves without his mercy.”

– John Bunyan


1Jo 2.15

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.

If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”


Stop. Stop being hard on homeschoolers. How do you think 90% (not a fact; a guess) of the US? No, North America? No – – – the world was educated before government schooling was enforced? Moms & Dads, a single aunt, a grandpa/grandma taught “Johnny” how to read. Was that bad? No – it was good. No one, but, no one, loves a child like his/her family. BTW, government has no money but “yours” so “their” schools are really your schools but you have little-to-no-say in any of their several excesses. -7/7/20


“…Intemperance, gambling, & evil reading . . . are doing more

to undermine the institutions of free government than all other influences combined.”

– Anthony Comstock, former US postal inspector

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