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Php 1.21 +

Php 1.21

“For to me to live is Christ,

and to die is gain.”


“…Abroad, those who go a little deeper into inward Christianity than the generality of their neighbors are called pietists or mystics, as commonly as they are called Methodists in Eng.”

– John Fletcher


PP – Planned Parenthood? No – that is a misnomer.

It really is Planned Un-parenthood. That would be PU – pronounced “PU” at has a horrible odor.

God pity America & its tolerating, even funding, such a stink. – 7/8/20

[NOTE for posts – unless name is given (as above “John Fletcher”) the post is from pen of eab.]


“The more the god of this world exalts himself in opposition to truth

the more he disposes every sincere heart for the reception of it.”

– John Fletcher


As mere mortals we tend (perhaps unintentionally – partly, if not entirely) to see God as a Man: Special, Superior, Super Smart but some grandiose version of us. No. No. No. God is not this. (Jesus is infinitely more on this but only His Man “side.”) No man, no matter how intelligent, has the ability to properly manage a village (Let alone a country): the financial part of it, the educational part, the spiritual part of it, the social part; to say nothing about keeping bricks & mortar intact, the infrastructure functioning, rain & snow at their proper levels & temperatures tolerable. God is NOT a man – 7/8/20


H Honey-blond you were when we first met.

A An upper classman (I was freshman yet).

P Popular you were in high school days

P Pretty face and more, pretty ways

Y You caught my eye & I’ve no regret.


B Bethrothed in the home of a Taft,

I   In marriage you soon showed your craft;

R Re-making old into something “new”

T Turning out meals with dollars but few.

H Homemaking was/is your strength & skill

D Did “motherhood” appeal Still? To the fill!

A Andrew, Lincoln, Laura, and Heather:

Y You & I were blessed to raise them, together.


Q Quartet of personalities – serious responsiblies.

U Upon them you showered much effort & love

O Over them (& theirs) you sought Might from above

T Totally, you’re a great Gram, Mother, Wife.

E Every Day. Thanks for being the love of my life.

– eab, 7/10/20, Written for my wife this AM


God made man (Adam). God made the woman (Eve). Maleness & femaleness are His two(2) categories. They’re not classifications of man or society. The world – in its rapid rebellion against God is rushing to blur the line between boys & girls. Sadly, the worldly-church has added to this rebellion with pastors, deacons, & sons appearing in public in less than mannish hair & attire & pastor’s wives, deacon’s wives & daughters being seen in public in less than feminine hair & attire. Please, if you claim to belong to Christ, honor His Father’s most basic demarcation. Be All Male. Or Be All Female! – 7/10/20


“Old time religion will keep you out of the grave longer

& get you out sooner.”

– C B Fugett 


Exo 20.4

“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth”


Wake Up. We (you as careful as you may be, & me, as limited in social media as I am) are familiar with dozens of cartoon characters, comic strip (comic books & newspaper) “beings”, 100% mythical disney “talking animals” & drawings of “people” who never existed except on paper. These “beings” appear in meme, GIF, etc. They are better known that some real people but they are IMAGES. God does not want us controlled by IMAGES. Jesus is the Word. Start now weeding images out of your life. 7/10/20


“The value of holiness. Its presence is life – its absence is eternal death.”

– R S Foster

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