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Php 4.5 +

Php 4.5

“Let your moderation be known unto all men.

The Lord is at hand.”


Pay attention to who a pastor, college prof, other leader quotes. He is being influenced by them (He tends to quote from what he reads.) But Thank the Lord, there’s never been an easier time to check out who “So-n-So really is. I saw a man quoted (by a supposed leader among holiness people) & found out the man quoted was roman catholic – had convert to such. The poor convert did not go up in my estimation but the supposed “holiness” man dropped a notch. – 7/8/20


“Any man who can take another’s wife & get by with it,

must drown the voice of conscience.”

– J M Hames


ENJOY. Allow your body to enjoy all that is “not immoral, illegal, or fattening” (quote from my son, E. Andrew Bryan II). Allow your mind to Enjoy, read, & dwell on the beautiful, the beneficial, & the broadening. But mainly allow – yea, urge your soul to Enjoy God, His Word, & His present Presence. – 7/10/20


“…If the enemy can’t defeat you any other way…he will get you into the business

of just looking around & watching people critically.”

– U E Harding



Be not angry with aging’s signs;

They’re but mile posts of life.

The fine, quaint lettering, interpret not with sting,
Nor quail from those neat lines

Etched by time’s trusty “knife.”


God in benevolent love,

Loving the yet unborn race,

(Imagine loving unknown, babies & adults full grown;

Only that God-like feeling from above

Enables man to care for an exposed face!)


God could love, lovingly He did,

What only God would do;

He made man so outward signs would show,

When life began to reach its “mid”

The Creator thus hinted what He knew.


He could’ve made man and his mate,

To stay life-long young,

To be in the prime all the time,

With no warnings of the date,

When death’s tolling had begun.


Instead, He planned that gradually

With force, man’s body would signal

An ultimate truth – the passing of youth,

Signs an individual would see,

Inward, outward, very hard to make null.


God knew we would rush madly apace,

Be engrossed in buying and selling,

Be coming and going, “to-ing and fro-ing”

So in wisdom, He planned the face,

As our clock for time-telling.



Be glad then for lines that planted

The crow’s feet and smile’s relief.

Your knowing brow signals the NOW,

Of life’s evening rays so well slated,

And knowing – there need not be grief.

– eab, July 1980



Don’t allow your at-home-child do sinful things. May I also, as a septuagenarian, urge a level-headedness about things which are not sinful in-&-of-themselves but are fads, passing trends, slowly revolving, but surely revolving “styles.” Urge your child to moderation. He will appreciate it later (may think you an old-fogy now), when that silly fad has faded & they see it for what it really was – again, not a sin, but a craze, a crazy craze. *Pictures can last a long time.* – 7/10/20


“Prayer is like work – it moves something.”

– Tillman Harris


Psa 119. 110

“The wicked have laid a snare for me:

yet I erred not from thy precepts.”


Some speakers strive to entertain – they have their reward when people laugh. Some speakers give informative talks – leave happy to know that you now know more than you did. Other speakers “feed off of” applause. God’s man, giving God’s message (not his own), may come to the pulpit feeling heavy & leave still somewhat heavy, sensing the audience did not comprehend the Word or did not fully act on it. – 7/11/20


“We are destined eternally

to spend eternity where our treasures are.”

– Daryl D Hausman

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