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Php 4.11 +

Php 4.11

“…I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”

[ Much more important than learning a language or a math – eab]


“For sooner shall the vilest insect find out the nature of man,

than the brightest man shall, of himself, discover the nature of God.”

– John Fletcher


Your church is changing – have you noticed? No church (school or conference, etc.) is static – it is either growing in Christ, more spiritual, more full of His glory, or it is shrinking in Christ, lessening spiritually, has little-to-no-glory of God. To move upward requires Christian effort, time in the prayer closet, a deep desire to love God. To move downward? There’s nothing you have to do. (“Any dead fish can float downstream” – source unknown.) Serious question. Are you helping your congregation move upward? Serious Statement. You ARE helping your church change: UP or down. – 7/8/20


“..When Christ formed is church, he elected to its privileges

the gentiles as well as the jews.”

– John Fletcher


“Loveth & Maketh a Lie.” As we approach the end of the age, hollywood, disney, & like ilk are, sadly, having a major influence. As you finish reading Revelation you find “…without [outside Heaven] are…murderers…& whosoever loveth & maketh a lie”(22.15). The words “movie” “moving picture” are not in the Bible but “loveth & maketh a lie” accurately describe sinful movies. The “house” & other “props” are false, the theme is many times fiction, actors are some of the most Unreal people on earth. Never watch a hollywood/disney film, never – its lies may damage you forever. – 7/14/20



Our Lord is God of all beside the sod.

Every rivulet you see, running away to sea.

Every tiny country creek, its own level gone to seek,

Every middle-sized branch, by a town, through a ranch,

Every muddy or clear river, free or irrigation “giver,”

Every mighty “Mississip,” running low or to the lip,

Every Nile heading north, flowing for all its worth,

Every Amazon miles broad, full of uncaught “cod,”

Every ocean near and far, under southern or north star,

Every creature in the brine, often found on hook and line,

Every mammoth of the deep dark down where wrecks “sleep”

Every thing in water’s wet, He’s God of it all, yet.

– eab, 7/14/09


Remember true & false tests? Have you realized yet that “true or false” did not stop when you left school? The “school of life” has a lot of situations which are “true or false” – at work, in the home, at the mall, in the church. And – – – at the end of life, Truth will equal Heaven. False. Will. Equal. Hell. – 7/14/20


“I’ve already bowed – I’m glad I have;

I’ll bow then too & enjoy every minute of it.”

– Larry Grile


1Ti 3.11

“Even so must their wives be grave, not slanderers,

sober, faithful in all things.”


You & your husband have “had words.” You see him as “unreasonable” or “overbearing” & you’re thinking about divorce. The only person who’ll win is a divorce lawyer. Your child will lose. Your parents & his parents will lose. Though satan will blind you (if you let him) – you’ll lose. Stop thinking divorce. Get alone with God. Ask Jesus to forgive Your unreasonableness, Your overbearing-ness. Ask Him to help you see (Again) the fine traits you saw before you married him. Start being kind. Start being in love. There’s hope for your marriage. I am the product of my dad & mom’s 2nd marriage! – 7/14/20


“Fruit bearing is an everyday job

for everyday Christians.”

– Richard Humble

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