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Php 4.13 +

Php 4.13

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”


Live so that your highest Delight is only in that, in which God Delights. And – – – that the sins & hypocrisies which The Father abhors, you also abhor & detest With.  All.  Your.  Heart. – 7/14/20


“…So-called churches, that have become training schools for the theatre…

…the stage performances of modern churchly worldlings.”

– M W Knapp


If satan tells you “you can’t make it” remember 2 things: 1) he is a liar, 2.) he doesn’t know about what he speaks – he (thank God) has never been human. Therefore, he doesn’t realize all the help God gives us to “make it” & Glory be to God, Jesus Christ was/is Human, Christ fully understands us & our needs. -7/15/20


“Revival Efforts…Formalists, hyprcrites,

saloonists, & the devil all hate them.”

– M W Knapp




Salt sand.

Surf-sounded, soft, solid sand.

Sun splashed, sodium-seasoned sand.

Shifting, sifting, smooth, stable shore-sand

Swirling, stinging, swift-stabbing, shining, shaping, swinging, swimming sand.

Most nearly everlasting universal fragment of earth.

Sea-scouring, several sided,


Sand. – eab, July 1971



When’s the last time you spent 10 minutes thinking about Hell? You do NOT have to go there.

Hell has flame (Luk 16.24).

Hell has no water (Luk 16.24).

Hell is dark (Mat 8.12).

Hell has memory (Luk 16.25).

Hell is for ever (Rev 14.11).

We do not want to think about such a place but it is as real as heaven. 7/15/20


“…To enter heaven a man must take it with him.”

– Henry  Drummond


Luk 16.23

“And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments…”


Never encourage your son to join the military! 1000’s of battles have raged on hilltop & valley-side on continent after continent. The blood of millions of men has seeped into soils & sands & their souls have (often, way too often) have slid into hell – Why? To gain another country’s gold. To grab another land’s fertile valley. To steal a neighbor nation’s lucrative sea port. Etc. The biggest winner in any war is satan, as men on both side (who were trained to Hate the enemy) drop into perdition. Never glorify war. Never exalt a uniform which represents killing. The NT is very different about war than the OT. – 7/15/20


“The will of God will never lead you

where the grace of God cannot keep you”

– Attorney David Gibbs’ mother

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