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Php 4.19 +

Php 4.19

“But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”


“The feet that once carried me to…racecourse, dance, saloon, cardtable, theatre…everyplace of worldly amusement were now…church…prayermeeting & the land of immortal day.”

– J B McBride


God in His providence has allowed your husband to die. It’s been a respectable amount of time since & you’ve allowed yourself to think about dating, & marriage. Please do not even consider a man who is divorced. Many pulpits are silent about D&R (divorce & remarriage). Too few leaders (conference, college, convention) are warning against this sin. *Marriage is for life.* “But I know so-n-so…” May I be your friend & tell you bluntly, you’re not responsible for so-n-so; you’re responsible for your soul. To marry again is OK but please stay away from the divorced guy. You can (in God’s will) do much better. – 7/14/20


“Following Christ is a hard task. It is a warfare.”

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD


Please sir/ma’am, if you love Jesus, your first allegiance is/has to be, Him. (Not some “cause” “party” “nation” which claims to be “christian.”) What Would Jesus Do? While He walked earth He slapped no one (though He was slapped). He killed no one (though He was killed). As His loyal followers we may be misused (please don’t think I want such). We may even be killed for Him (again, don’t think I desire to be a martyr.) I fear too many Christians will struggle & then give their allegiance to men. In doing so they’ll hurt the cause of Jesus & die on the wrong side. Pray. Obey. Pray. – 7/15/20



The Bible is rich in lives of sinner and saint.

It gives details of cultures, both ancient and quaint.

Makes requirements (not for the finicky or faint).

Speaks of the Holy Spirit – not some evil “haint.”

Encourages the “rosy,” natural look – not paint.

– eab, 7/16/15


The greatest tangible entity in the wide world is One phenomenal piece of Literature – the Holy Bible. No book has ever compared to this Timeless Text – nor ever will. This God-breathed Book contains many things among which are criteria for assessing ALL lesser literatures: “Whatsoever things are true… honest… just…pure…lovely…of good report…if…any virtue…any praise think on these things”(Php 4.8). – 7/16/20


“If I don’t practice it,

I don’t believe it.”

– Paul Harvey Life Motto!


Psa 119.74

“They that fear thee will be glad when they see me;

because I have hoped in thy word.”


Have you read the Bible through? If you can read, you do not want to face of Judge of all the earth & have to admit that you were so “busy” running to & fro, to read the Book He inspired penned for you to read. Is the Bible easy reading? Some parts are easier & some parts are harder, but let not that stop you from reading the Most Classic Book in the English language, past, present & future. – 7/16/20


“When small men cast long shadows, the sun is about to set.”

– Paul Harvey

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