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Job 12.2 +

Job 12.2

“No doubt but ye are the people, and wisdom shall die with you.”


How much Bible do you know by heart? All you *care* to know? (Be honest.) If you want to have more of God’s Word committee to memory – what are you doing about it?  [You will NOT wake up some morning with more chucked-away-in-your-mind.] Make a plan that works for you & then apply yourself to putting away the Bible, as Great Hidden Treasure – which is exactly what It is. – 7/20/20


“…God…wants to perpetuate it[Pentecost]. He never wanted it to stop.

He wants us to live under the constant anointing of the Holy Spirit of God…”

– S D Herron


“Rapture” is a non-Biblical word. It’s used with a non-Biblical theory – supposedly Jesus is going to “catch away” His church before the “tribulation.” [Its appeal? Who in their right mind wants to be persecuted?] But if God allows the antichrist/beast to appear first, posing as Christ, he’ll *deceive* many “christians” who were indoctrinated with this theory. When they receive the Mark of the Beast, they’re damned. – 7/21/20


“…Be sensitive to the approval of the Holy Spirit…

Oh to be able to discern the checks & leadings of the Holy Spirit in our lives!”

– S D Herron



The sun is “born” and dies every night,

Reminding in its over-head flight,

That life starts low – level of the eye

Life ends low – at edge of earth and sky.

Regardless of how the sun may soar

Or how bright its light from “eight to four”

It always sets, finds its final time;

Matters not how heady-high it’s climb.

Grand ladies & men, alike the low slave,

Have earth-life closings at the grave.

– eab, July  2011


S Selfish.

U Unwise.

I Individual.

C “Creepy.”

I Insane.

D Dying

E Eternally, ETernally ETErnally ETERnally ETERNAlly ETERNLly ETERNALLy, ETERNALLY! -7/21/20


“…Christian, so far as the meaning of the word is concerned,

is derived from anointing.”

– Tertullian


1Jo 1.6

“If we say that we have fellowship with him & walk in darkness,

 we lie & do not the truth:”


Many pastors/church leaders have blurred the line between love of Lord & love of land. I’m afraid too many youth (& “middlers” & aged) are confused about their loyalty & would kill someone “for America” thinking they’re doing God a favor. Thankfully our country has had holy preachers & has sent holy evangelists to other continents. But “we” also have sinned against Jesus by killing many innocents abroad, murdered many babies, paying to watch actors who live lives of horrible morals. Stop mixing up patriotism with Godliness. Stand with the sinless Son of God & die only for Him. – 7/21/20


“They that are carnal cannot do those things which are spiritual,

nor they that are spiritual the things which are carnal.”

– Ignatius

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