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Job 14.1 +

Job 14.1

“Man that is born of a woman is of few days,

and full of trouble.”


“The highest level of Christian holiness

that the Bible teaches is forgiveness.”

– Richard Humble


You’re a believer or a Believer. You believe secular “news” full of adultery, murder, rape, suicide, etc. OR you Believe God’s Good News full of Hope, Salvation, & True Love (both horizontal & vertical). Radio / TV / Smart phone news can leave you depressed, sad, & thinking all will end ill. God’s News has Joy, Gladness & lets you know that God is in charge – obey Him & you can go to heaven. You – you alone – decide what kind of a *believer* you are. – 7/19/20


“…The great truth that we can live above sin started the Holiness Movement

& it has to be propagated, if the Holiness Movement is to be perpetuated;”

– Andrew N Johnson


The Grand old Book is the most accurate history you’ve ever held in your hand. It’s more true than much science & It’s mathematics is useful for daily living. The Bible (Authorized Version) helped standardize the grammar & vocabulary we use today. It contains the greatest Literature on earth & has inspired many secondary literary pieces, both poetry & prose. All these are subsidiary to the Bible main value – telling us that God “so loved” us & that He invites us to come live with Him when our term on earth ends. – 7/20/20


to identify too much

To spend excessively on home, clothes or car

Is to identify too much with *where* you are.

A few years/decades these will all be gone.

But where will you be, when you’ve passed on?

– eab, 7/22/13


Is it just me or have I seen more “games” “puzzles,” in short, adult time-wasters on fb in the last several weeks? I’m also afraid that more people succumbed to watching hollywood/disney movies with who-knows-how-many subliminal messages. You had more time? Spend more time reading/memorizing the Eternal Word of God. – 7/21/20


“ ‘A conscience void of offense toward God & man’

is an inheritance for Eternity.”

– Daniel Webster


Mat 6.24

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one & love the other;

or else he will hold to the one & despise the other…”


Are you an American first & a Christian second? OR Are you a Christian first & an American second? “Well, I haven’t really thought much about it.” Sir/ma’am, it is time to settle this. “But I love both my land & my Lord.” In the human, I think I know how you feel but the Bible disallows this duality. You cannot have two same loyalties – you can’t love your country & love Christ equally. Impossible (Mat 6.24). -7/21/20


“…Keen [S.A.] said that 75% of the church members he has called upon to pray with

in their dying hour were unsaved…”

– George B Kulp

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